Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Squash & Mustard Colored Lippies...SAY WHAT?

I did a 12-hour work day (for free, because I am a student) and I am beat up. I woke up with a headache, a throatache, and a backache. I am in dire need of rest. But Anywho before I ramble off into something entirely not about this post, I want to talk about a new lipstick trend that I have been loving: Squash colored lipstick!

Now I have been noticing that several very popular brands on instagram have all released these colors. I remember looking for yellow lipstick and people telling me that I was crazy, I mean it was years ago and the only thing I could find were these greasy beauty supply store yellow Nicka K lipsticks (girl they're so cheap its ridiculous). Nothing with the undertones that I wanted, just straight up bee yellow lipsticks (nasty). But I am so pleased to know that I now have options. Yellows and oranges are crazy wearable on dark skin, and yes some colors will have to be finessed with a lip liner, but I always wear liner so for me that end result is worth it. And baby I wants them all! MWAHAHAHAHA

I'm talking yellows, yellow-toned oranges, yellow and orange toned browns...you name it. Anything in the squashy, mustardy color family, I wants it! And lucky for me, but unlucky for my bank account, Melt and B'ellegant are releasing two new colors in this family on black friday! I only think I should purchase one of these, but they are both looking so very juicy to me...ugh, the escapades of a lipstick junkie. I do honestly need help! Are you feeling this trend or is it wickedy wickedy wack?


Sunday, November 19, 2017

LIP OF THE DAY: Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Midnight

I am a fanatic of color. And blue has always been one of my faves. For a long time, I was on the hunt for the perfect deep blue. I tried Kat Von D Echo, I tried her Poe lipstick, I even tried a couple drug store deep blues...but they were just BLAHHH.
Then, I saw Jeffree Star Cosmetics Abused and I fell in love. But it was never in stock! That was some time ago, and though I have it now, I'm really iffy about supporting Mr. Starr because of all his shenanigans (see my previous blog post on Jeffree Star Cosmetics), so I rarely wear it (can't bare to part with it). I opted to find a dupe, and though it isn't exact, I still really like the color, a beautiful navy blue from the lovely Pretty Zombie Cosmetics in the shade Midnight.

Now the flash is taking away from the deepness of the color, but you can see that the lipstick is a deep pure blue; no purple undertones, just plain old blue. Here is Midnight compared to Abused as well as Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Transylvania, and Anastasia Beverly Hills Potion. I wanted to compare it to some of the colors that people often claim are dupes. As you can see, Midnight is in a class of its own. The Jeffree Star abused is still my favorite blue, but it could almost pass as purple. What do you think? Are you loving Midnight as much as I am? 

Friday, November 10, 2017

Black Owned Beauty Brand Spotlight: B'ellegant Cosmetics Harvest, Orange Caramel & Butterscotch Martini

Over and over I tell myself that I have enough lipstick to last me a life time. And I honestly do, my lipsticks are going to be around well beyond their expiration dates (I know...nasty) but brands like B'ellegant Cosmetics make it real difficult for me to stick to my no buy goals!
Because I am a proud supporter of Black Owned Beauty Brands and Black Owned Business in general, I made it my business to try these lipsticks. After wearing their colors for some time (I have another that I got previously called Tahiti Island), I can give an honest review. I really like these lipsticks. Some of them have different textures and feel more satiny on the lips than matte but that's completely okay with me :) because these lipsticks are so comfortable. Now what I will say is that they do get into lip lines and can look a little cracked if you don't exfoliate but thats common with liquid lipsticks.

Top to Bottom: Harvest, Butterscotch Martini, Orange Caramel
Orange Caramel
Butterscotch Martini
I have been really into these squash and mustardy colors for fall. I mean my hair is orange so that may have something to do with it but B'ellegant has an abundance of these types of colors and they are so wearable. I truly will be a supporter for as long as they continue to make these lovely shades! NOW THE BAD: They take forever to ship. I didn't get my lipsticks for two weeks. They ship out of Delaware and I live in NJ, so they should have come ASAP. I will give them a break because it was around the time of a sale and they are an indie brand. But it definitely took longer than what they said it would take on their site. I got a shipping notification on 11/1 and they didn't ship it out until 11/8. I purchased my lippies on 10/25. So you get my drift...


Friday, September 29, 2017

Letting My Soul Glow in Coloured Raine, My Favorite Liquid Lipstick Brand!

I have and wear a lot of lipsticks. I also tend to claim a lot of things are my favorites...all the time. Howevereeeddddd, Coloured Raine is hands down my absolute favorite liquid lipstick brand and the formula is BOMB. I used to think sugar pill cosmetics liquid lipstick formula was my favorite and I think its quite close, but Coloured Raine trumps Sugarpill as a brand in terms of liquid lipstick (in my opinion) because they have a greater variety of colors. I think Sugar pill has 2 or 3 colors while Coloured Raine has like 20...shoot maybe even more.
Top to Bottom: Coloured Raine Soul, Coloured Raine Marshmallow 
Left to Right: Coloured Raine Soul, Coloured Raine Marshmallow
Now, I probably have about 6 of these. But I chose to feature these 2 today because I'm just in a taupey, griege mood and these colors fit that category perfectly. They look a lot alike but Marshmallow is clearly lighter.

The formula on these two lipsticks in particular are so comfortable that I tend to forget I have them on for the first couple hours. At about the 5 hour mark they start to feel a little drier but they stay looking nice all day. Unless you eat something greasy, they stay put. If I could compare them to anything it would probably be a mix between Anastasia Beverly Hills and Limecrime. They aren't as creamy as the ABH or as liquidy as Limecrime but somewhere in between.
Soul on my lips with Jordana Coffee Bean Eye Liner
I cannot recommend this brand enough. And they're black owned which bumps them up a few notches in my book. Call me bias but I'm here for my people doing big tings. So go and get you some. They have a red in cherry blossom that IS TO CRY FOR (NOTHING IS WORTH DYING FOR IN MY BOOK)! Try them out. And Coloured Raine if you ever see this, send me some lippies y'all... wink wink! Bye now!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Since I'm in the Spirit of Old Saint Nick...Get it? HAHA I'm a Cornball!

Wearing my new MAC X Nicki Minaj lipsticks brought back memories. I remember it like it was yesterday, staying up late, hounding the MAC website, witnessing it break down, and me becoming pissed...ahh those were the good old days. When MAC releases meant you had to get up early or miss out. And MAC's first rendezvous with Nicki Minaj, Pink Friday lipstick, was banana's to get a hold of! Pink Friday was limited to like four Fridays in November of 2010, and I was lucky to get one! I wanted two but beggars cannot be choosers now can we? Lucky for me, I still have mine, and yes, I still wear it...sparingly.

In these pics I'm wearing Pink Friday with MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass, and I don't care what anyone says, this is thee most unique pink lipstick that I have ever worn. It looks lilac sometimes, other times it looks more pink. I mean the blue base is so heavy that it's hard to tell. And till this day, I have not been able to find a dupe. I guess thats what made it so special. It will be a sad day when I run out of this lipstick.  :(  But anywhoo, I'm outtie. Let me leave you with a crazy Nicki face, and yes, she has a pink chicken wing chain on...BWAHAHA

Saturday, September 23, 2017

MAC x Nicki Minaj: Nicki's Nude

Nicki Minaj is back for a third time with another MAC collection. And I have to admit, although Nicki collaborating with MAC is nothing new, I was genuinely excited for this collection. New lipsticks, some re-promotions of my faves, and pretty packaging. Bets believe I was all in! I decided to get Nicki's Nude because the Pink Print was a little too pale for me, and I really like it! I also got Playing Koi (circa 2011 MAC Quite Cute Collection), but I'm going to save that baby for another post.
Nicki's Nude
Now excuse my grandma jammies. I was getting ready for bed when I decided to swatch for this post. Now I don't have liner on and I juxtaposed Nicki's picture to mine to show the difference skin tone makes for those wearing this color. Mine looks a little lighter because I am darker than Nicki but I also used flash so the color is more exaggerated. I love the warm tones in Nicki's Nude. I think it's really flattering on people of color, and I can't wait to rock it with a brown liner. What do you guys think? Pretty right?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

When The Color is Nice, But the Formula is Butt: Kat Von D Echo Everlasting Liquid Lipstick


I just want to start out by saying that I am normally very pleased with Kat Von D's liquid lipstick formula...however, I went through hell to get this particular color to work. It was patchy, I had to put on multiple layers, and if my lips even went as far as to gently pat each other during the drying process...the color would lift from one part of my lip and transfer to another...leaving a hot mess of patchwork behind.

Now what I will say is that blue lipsticks are often hard for companies to pull of...and I was able to make it work, but for $21 I am disappointed.

Its really a shame about the patchiness of this lipstick. I mean lmbo, imma wear it. I am definitely going to wear it. But Kat Von D needs to reformulate this. 

Now the color is a little deeper than what my pictures show because I use flash photography. Echo is like a navy blue with very slight purple undertones. Like a liquid matte version of Mac Royal from Mac Cosmetics. 

I don't know. I guess I can give her a 6. Just cause she's cute? But no boo boo. I shouldn't have to spend 15 minutes trying to get a lipstick to work. Do you sense the ambivalence? Ugh, the escapades of a lipstick junkie.
Till next time. Peace Out


Saturday, September 2, 2017

Lippie Looks: Weekly Edition

Im back with some more lip looks boyyyyy. Just to prepare you, I tried to do something new with some powder one day this week and let me just warn you, I looked like a dead raccoon. HAHA. But in the moment, I thought it was a good idea. Lol never again!

Anywhoo here's Monday's lippie:

This one here is Sephora's Black Cherry. Love me a nice dark berry/burgundy lippie on the Cusp of Fall.

Tuesday is my day off so I get to go crazy with my lip looks. This gorgeous blue is called Wipe out from Makeup Monsters Cosmetics

Sephora Polished Purple, oldie but goodie!


Umm...yeah this was the day of the travesty. But I wore Anastasia Beverly Hills Sepia. I thought I was cute till I saw the flashback from my camera...

It was Eid ul Adha and I went all out!! Wearing Lime Crime Serpentina on my puckers. I love this color it is one of the prettiest green lipsticks ever created. And I hear they're coming out with a Velvetines version!!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lippie Looks Weekly Edition

Okay, so I haven't been posting. I feel terrible, but the passion just isn't here at the moment. Working on it though! I at least tried to get a couple pictures of my lip looks for the week. I probably won't feel really good about blogging until I get a decent camera...but thats a whole other story! 

Guess it'd be best to do this by day. So here it goes.

Monday: Mac Esspresso Liquid Lipstick...Cute right? I was all about the taupey vibes this day.

Tuesday: Mac Young Attitude Liquid Lipstick. It was my day off from Practicum and I was feeling a little bad and bougie. Don't mind the wrinkled hijab...I just didn't have it in me to iron.

Wednesday: It was all about red so I wore Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom Lipstick to match my outfit for the day. Love a red lip with winged liner!

Thursday: I went with red again. This time it was Stila's Fiery. My second favorite red after Cherry Blossom

Friday: I ombre'd Sugarpill Trinket Lipstick with Kat Von D Roxy Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I legit felt like a powerpuff girl!
 With Flash:

I loved every single look this week. So much for not being motivated to blog...


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Lime Crime Goodies Arrived! Yeah Boy!!

Lookie! A white box!

The Venus 2 Palette has been calling my name for months, shoot maybe over a year. And I finally bit the bullet. While biting the bullet I accidentally took a few shots from some Velvetines too!

The colors in the palette are all beautiful. I'm not really a fan of the blue, but blues of almost any kind on my lids scare me. Do y'all remember Mimi from the Drew Carry show? Yeah...she traumatized me. 

PIGEON (pearl): Brown/green shift
FILTER (glow matte): Luminous cornflower blue
MARSH (glow matte): Mossy grey-green
MUSTARD (creamy matte): The color of corduroy
FLY (pearl):Ivory/green green shift, like the wing of a fly
JAM (creamy matte): Pumpkin spice creamy matte
MUD (creamy matte): Rich burgundy-brown, the color of spoiled fruit
BOOT (sparkle matte): Nebula black with multi-color sparkle

Hold up wait a minute lemme put some lipstick in it!

Top to Bottom: Teddy Bear, Riot, Bleached.
Bleached is struggling y'all. I gotta put it on my lips to see if its going to crust up like it did on my hands. Y'all will definitely see some lip of the days with these colors. I'm loving the palette and actually have it on my eyes today. Jam on the lid and Mustard in the crease.

Over and Out


Squash & Mustard Colored Lippies...SAY WHAT?

I did a 12-hour work day (for free, because I am a student) and I am beat up. I woke up with a headache, a throatache, and a backache. I ...