Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Spring Lip Picks: Dose of Colors Strawberry Pop, Pinky Promise & Stila Carina

Eww to the nasty stain on my lipstick box! We are on the edge of our 3rd winter storm in NJ and I am very much in need of spring weather. Today is the 1st day of spring and we may get 18 inches of snow. God bless me...so I decided to go do something fun!
I said to myself: "Self" 
And myself said: "Yes"
Then I said: "Don't you want a cute coral lip color"
And I replied: "Yup and a pink one too"
So I ended up with three new colors: Stila Carina, Dose of Colors Pinky Promise, and a red that was not even in the plan, Dose of Colors Strawberry Pop (I'm not mad though 😁😜).


Just to give a little description: 
Stila Carina is described as a highly-pigmented, liquid lipstick that's weightless on the lips and delivers long-lasting coverage. The lipstick is definitely more of a creamy formula, and it feels weightless. If I could describe the color itself I would say its a pinky orange coral, more orange than pink. There is something about these Stila liquid lipsticks that are weird to me though, I'm thinking it's because they dry down really powdery. I always feel like I may lift the color in patches if I smack my lips together, but for the most part, once dried the color stays put. I like it, I just wanna throw a little gloss on to help it look more forgiving. And just a heads up, Carina is a nice dupe for Lime Crime Suedeberry (for the people in the back who don't support Lime Crime...I got you fam).

Next we have the Dose of Colors lipsticks. Now mind you, I have never tried Dose of Colors before, but so far I'm really liking their formula. They remind me a lot of Lime Crime, which is one of my favorite liquid lipstick formulas. Dose of Colors definitely is not a new brand, but they are new to Ulta, so when I saw them I got really excited. Even though I was only going to get pinky promise, after swatching Strawberry Pop I was sold. The Ulta Website describes the formula like so: Dose of Colors Matte Liquid Lipstick is long wearing, highly pigmented and ultra comfortable. It applies as a creamy liquid lipstick but after a few minutes it dries to a matte finish. The unique formula feels soft and weightless on the lips and is a favorite among pro and personal users. I agree with the website's description with exception to the creamy part. I thought the formula was a little watery, but still highly opaque, like Lime Crime. I like it a lot and although I have too many lipsticks to purchase more, if I ever put a dent in my collection, I will buy more!

Pinky Promise

Pinky promise was a little patchy, but it was because I only used one swipe. If I had redipped and added more to my lips, I think the patchiness would be non-existent. I love hot pink lippies. But again, I love all colors so this doesn't say much. It looked really good on in my opinion, no lip liner needed. I can't say much about longevity but application was pristine. 

Strawberry Pop

Lol I smiled a little when swatching this color. Its so nice guys! It has the perfect mixture of pink and red and I think it would like bomb with a smokey eye. I honestly think all these colors would look bomb with a smokey eye. This might even look nice with some winged purple liner...oooh yes. If you're in the North East and suffering from this elongated winter, go to Ulta and get you some stuff for spring before you get snowed in! Make yourself a virgin strawberry daiquiri and pretend you on somebody's beach. Lol that's what I'm doing! 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Requiem

I have a love hate relationship with Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks, and Requiem is no different. The colors are normally beautiful. They feel good on the lips, but they look a little crusty and they do not look as nice on MY lips as some of my other liquid lipsticks. Notice I said MY right? I don't know what it is, but after an hour or two, these start to fade and look really dry on me. Maybe they just aren't the right formula for my lips. And I know this is a liquid lipstick so I have to expect it to be dry, but I don't expect it to look so hit, so fast!

Now Requiem is gorgeous. It's described as a metallic blackened teal, and I honestly got it because I wanted Melt Cosmetics Mota, but I didn't want to wait for shipping, and Requiem was more easily accessible at Sephora. On me, the color looks like a forrest green with some blue undertones. It also has some nice blue and champagne shimmer to it. I don't know how to feel. I do like it, but just as my other ABH liquid lipsticks, I wore it for 2 hours and got butthole lips. Are my lips too juicy in the center? Should I not wear lip balm? I don't know? I will say that I kept it on for about 6 hours and it didn't get worse, nor did it start to feel uncomfortable, and I also think it went well with my subtle red eye look. I'm torn like I always am with ABH, but I think the color is winning me over.

Final Thoughts: The comfort of this lipstick is fine, the color is beautiful, but the look and staying power of the lipstick could use some improvement. I'll keep you guys updated if I can find a solution to keeping this baby intact longer.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Mac Shockvalue: swatch and review

I thought the promo picture from this collection was so futuristic. And I'm guessing that was the inspiration behind the collection. Although I only have one piece from the collection, the piece that I do have, I think, is the highlight. Let's just say, IT IS NOT for the faint of heart. 


Shockvalue lipstick was designed for DJ, artist, and writer, Juliana Huxtable. Isn't she gorgeous? All that red in her complexion. I love it!

I got this picture from Tumblr because I was too lazy to take a picture of mine.
Shockvalue is on the left.


So, not the most wearable. However, I still like it. On a day when I use a little foundation to even out my skin tone and some powder I can see this actually being cute. The formula of Shockvalue is an amplified so it is not the longest lasting, and it also moves around on the lips a lot. Still, its a fun color  and I wouldn't mind reapplying it as needed. It's pretty opaque, so it truly isn't a hassle. Cuteness and boldness factor gives this lipstick a 7 out of 10 from my opinion. It didn't get a higher rating because it has a little too much slip for my liking and I got a little bit of a ring on the inside of my lips from it. But for fun, yes I will quite definitely be wearing this...on my days off of course!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

MAC THROWBACKS to the 90's: Icon and Spanish Fly

Us 90's babies should be suped! Mac thought about us ya'll. As an avid MAC fanatic, I get so excited when they decide to bring back discontinued products! I had the idea of them bringing back an entire old collection and have us...the people, vote for it. 

However, I'm a nobody and MAC was not aware of my idea. And this Throwback collection is the next best thing. They brought back Goldbit, Tete-a-Tint, Kid and Uniterruped eyeshadows, as well as Rocker, Skew, Shrimpton, Bronx, Marrakesh (gorgeous and I wants it), Spanish Fly and Icon lipsticks. The later two of which I have.

Icon is described as a frosted neutral beige. On me, it looks like a brown with silver sparkles. 

Icon with Brown Liner

Spanish Fly is described as a muted reddish brown duo chrome. It looks like blue brown pigment in lipstick form. 

Spanish Fly with Brown Liner
Spanish Fly with Nightmoth liner
Both lipsticks are frost finishes. 

Ooooh! Icon reminds me of Brandy in the 90's. She used to rock a frosty brown lipstick and I thought it was so bomb when I was a kid. I am here for ICON. It kinda reminds me of Viva Glam Rihanna 2 that came out a few years back as well. 

I cannot say I miss these thin brows but Brandy was a cutie patootie! And Icon may have been the exact lipstick that she wore because the color is spot on, on my lips.

I also purchased Explicit lip glass to go on top of Icon because I just figured they'd look good together. Explicit is a part of MAC's permanent collection if I am not mistaken. 

Back in 2014 MAC dropped a collection called "Artificially Wild" that I also thought was an ode to the 90's. It also released Icon and Explicit was one of the glosses in that collection as well. I saw tons of people pair the two together and they were really pretty

Explicit lipglass + brown liner
Icon with Explicit lipglass on top

Final Thoughts: I'm happy. The texture of all the lip products are wonderful. I'm currently wearing Icon and my lips are nice and moist. Frost's never really dry out my lips. And what I will say is that these frosts perform more like glazes. They aren't matte frosts, more like creamy, comfy frosts. I give all the products a 8.5 out of 10. 

They perform really well. So far Icon has lasted through eating a sandwich and what I like the most is that Explicit lipglass is not sticky. And we all know that MAC lip glasses are notorious for being sticky. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

Duping Beyonce's Peachy Pink Nude Lip Color

Bey always has the prettiest peachy pink lips. I've always wanted something similar, but also pushed it out of my mind because well...I'm a few shades darker than Beyonce. My lips are pigmented as all get out and I just could never find the right color.

Although I'm not sure exactly what Beyonce used to get this pretty color, a little birdie (by the name of google) informed me that she either had Nars Honolulu Honey or Mac Freckletone topped with Nars Chelsea Girls lip gloss. 

I have Honolulu Honey and Chelsea Girls, but they do NOT look like Bey's lips on me. So I went out on a hunt to find the perfect peach lip for me. And I'm quite happy to say I found a great alternative that matches my skin tone. 

So here's the process:
1. First I lined my lips with Rimmel Cafe Au Lait.
2. Then I dabbed Nude Delight all over. 
3. Last I topped it all off with clear gloss.

I think the color looks very close to Beyonce's. What do you think? Maybe it just needs to be a little more pink in the center. I might add Inglot lip paint in color 51 to give it a pinky tinge and then put clear gloss on top of that next time. For now...I'm happy! 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Sugarpill Strange Love and Nurse Liquid Lipsticks

Somebody call the doctor or the nurse because I'm feeling a STRANGE LOVE for Sugarpill and their delicious smelling lip colors. Wow I actually put that in my blog post, I might be the corniest person I know...freaking cornball 😂. 

I only have a few things to say about these lip colors. They look great, they feel great and they smell great. Like orange cream sickle to be exact.


I'm enamored with Sugarpill's aesthetic. The infusing of the glitter, the cute packaging, the formula of their lipstick. They may have stolen the crabby patty formula for these because I can't fathom how liquid lipstick could be this comfortable on. I didn't even want to throw the outer packaging away when I first got these colors because it was so cute. Here's a cute little video I have of the packaging. Lol. Enjoy your day lovelies.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Girl Get All The Way Into This RED! Mac Viva Glam Sia + Nice Buzz Plushglass (Better Get It While You Can Because It's Being Discontinued).

I have a special relationship with red lipstick (we go back like two peas in a Cadillac) and Viva Glam products are sooooo nostalgic for me because some of the first Mac products I purchased were Viva Glam products. So, when I saw the pre-release photos of Viva Glam Sia, I knew I had to have it. 

Sidenote: OMG aren't Sia's nails absolutely perfect in the press photo? Needless to say, I'm going to get a nude mani-ped tomorrow!

I took a couple pictures of the lipstick. I'm using flash photography because its really late at night and I really wanted to show you guys the sparkle in this lippie. Though this lipstick looks like your regular run of the mil Ruby Woo dupe, it actually has subtle gold shimmer in it that I tried my best to capture. If you look really close you may be able to see it.

The most beautiful thing about purchasing Viva Glam products from Mac is that 100% of the proceeds go towards helping men, women, and children effected by HIV/AIDS. It is truly a worthy cause and it pleases me to know that wearing lipstick can be a from of advocacy. The texture of the lipstick is really nice too! It's matte but much more comfortable than Ruby Woo, which I think is its sister. Ruby Woo just doesn't have the gold sparkle, see.

Top: Ruby Woo, Bottom: Viva Glam Sia

Oh and I also got Nice Buzz Plushglass because it just looked so gorgeous staring at me. Although it looks pink in this picture, its more of a sheer gloss with gold shimmer in it. It makes my lips look perfectly nude.

I'm always happy with my MAC purchases. Even though my lips were hit when I did these swatches,  I was too lazy to exfoliate...do not judge me. I'm extremely tired after an 8 hour day of providing therapy. But pick these products up if you can! Especially the Viva Glam. It's for a good cause and Red lipstick is ALWAYS in style.

Friday, January 19, 2018

MAC Goodies: Honeylove, A Girl's Got Needs, Ruby Woo, and Deep Rooted

Today I decided to be a big girl and back to Mac all of my old lips products. I legitimately got rid of 24 lipsticks and glosses. It felt good. And I'm hoping to be able to finish more products now that I have 24 less to choose from. Though I went to MAC with a couple products in mind, namely Angel and Easy Babe lipsticks from the Nicki's Nude's Collection. I of course was mad late, Easy Babe was sold out and Angel just was not as cute as I thought it would be. So, I got Deep Rooted: a brown toned grey, A Girl's Got Needs: a warm brown, Ruby Woo: a classic retro red, and Honeylove: a beige rosey nude. They're cute or whatever. I just want to say excuse my ashy face in advanced. I'm trying a new moisturizer with SPF in it and it turns my face ghostly white. The things we do for beauty...
Bac2Mac Goodies
Aren't they cute? So pigmented
Deep Rooted
Deep Rooted
A Girl's Got Needs
A Girl's Got Needs
Ruby Woo
Ruby Woo

All of the lipsticks are matte. I'm pleased with them all, though I did think that A Girl's Got Needs would be darker. Either way, I am going to pair all of these with lip liners. Deep Rooted doesn't need one, but I typically wear lip liner with all my lipsticks. God my face looks ashy...I'm going to have to figure out how to best wear this moisturizer. Till next time guys. Tootles.

Monday, January 8, 2018

MAC Retro Matte Metallic Lipsticks: In Retrograde and Moon Landing

These lip colors are nice and my camera didn't even catch the true metallicness of them. The blue is a bit patchy but I still like it and I can see myself rocking a black smokey eye with them both. MAC did a good job with these lipsticks and it hurts to know that these two colors are limited edition. Fortunately In retrograde, the red, is an exact dupe for Smashbox Man-eater. The blue is pretty unique in my opinion, but it does remind me of Anastasia Beverly Hills Paint.

My Verdict:
Color: 8 out of 10
Comfort: 8 out of 10
Opaqueness: 7 out of 10 for In Retrograde, 6 out of 10 for Moon Landing
Price: it Sucks lol $21 
Overall: I like them. If they were cheaper I would buy more but they are not so these are it for me. There are other colors to choose from, a few nudes, a cute purple and even a neon pink. A little something for everybody. 

Spring Lip Picks: Dose of Colors Strawberry Pop, Pinky Promise & Stila Carina

Eww to the nasty stain on my lipstick box! We are on the edge of our 3rd winter storm in NJ and I am very much in need of spring weathe...