Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mac Wild Extract & Time to Shine

I'm back again with more swatches. This go around I wanted to review some of the frost lipsticks from the newly added and permanent (woot woot) Bangin Brilliant line. I knew when I saw swatches of these two lipsticks they would be everything for me and for various reasons. But before I get into that let me actually show you the lipstick. 

On the MAC website Wild Extract is described as a lime green with electric pearl. It is a beautiful lime almost chartreuse green with lovely gold shimmers. Time to shine, on the other hand is described as a silver with white pearl. It looks a lot like Bubbles or Metal Maven from the Riveting collection that was released about 6 years ago. I'm a shimmery girl at heart and the glitters in both of these are to die for. I had to get Wild Extract for two reasons, for one, it reminded me of my most favorite lip gloss that is now discontinued Spring Bean (it was a green gloss with gold shimmer that made my lips look like they had honey on them) and for two, I had a feeling that if I put this on top of MAC Costa Chic, it would dupe my most favorite lipstick of all time, MAC Lollipop Loving, which was limited edition and no longer available! As you'll see below, both are going to be great for mixing, and I may even wear them alone.

I am so happy with the pigment of these lipsticks. MAC has made me a believer yet again. And I have to be honest, I had been fairly disappointed with recent collections. Matte lipsticks were taking over and the creativity that MAC has been known for seemed to be dwindling. So, to see these colors, along with the other additions I am very pleased. And I am even happier to know that I no longer have to cry and complain about not having Lollipop Loving, as I can now create a more pigmented version of it! I could not be happier! The pics below show what the colors look like alone, I will be playing with glosses and liners to see what sort of cool combinations I can come up with.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Lip of the Day: Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick in Popstar

Really quick lotd because I'm heading out. I never see swatches or hear much of anything about Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick so I bring to you: Popstar. It's a sheer shimmery pink. I boughy it because it slightly reminded me of MAC Dazzle Lipstick from ages ago. I've been craving the glitter in that lipstick but alas not even this lippie could curb my craving. MAC needs to bring those lippies back. This lipstick is still very pretty and I love to pair it with a shimmery gloss like below. The picture isn't doing this justice because its so pretty and sparkly. I also lightly lined everything with purple.

Friday, June 24, 2016


So cough cough, I'm a little late. I missed out on the punk couture collection when it first released (I was a broke college student...I still am but I was really broke, like below the poverty line broke). And I admit that because im a bit of a junkie I never lived missing this collection down... So when MAC released Instigator and Studded Kiss as a part of their permanent collection I literally ran to MACY'S. Fast forward to the present and MAC has released Punk Couture as a part of the permanent collection as well (I ran and got that too buddy). So the only lippie left to scoop up was Hautecore (pronounced oatcore for those of us who are pronunciation impaired, notice I said us. If I see an H i speak an H!). So I popped on to ebay and hoped for the best. To my surprise I found it for 25 dollars! Now considering its age and free shipping status I think I found a bit of a good deal! Now I have the whole collection and am so happy!

I did some swatches and comparisons for you guys. This collection is old so you have probably seen them swatched plenty of times, however alot of people claimed that both Punk Couture and Hautecore applied patchy and I find that they are both really opaque and not patchy at all. Will do lip swatches in upcoming LOTDs. Thanks for making these permanent MAC, Hautecore should be next.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quick LOTD: New MAC Lipstick in 4eva

In the words of Cardi B "If a chick got beef with me...she gone have beef with me 4evaaaaaa". If there are any Love and Hip Hop fans in here today then you know how this lipstick makes me feel: like Cardi B...extremely sassy. If you dont know who Cardi B is look her up she is hilarious. Anywhoo 4eva is a medium, light purple absolutely perfect for dark skin. I didn't have to line it here but because I can't function without a slight ombre I did it anyway. Gonna keep it short today because I'm blogging via mobile but I had to show you guys this cutie. MAC outdid themselves with these new colors!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MAC Bangin Brilliant

So MAC pulled a whammy and released a permanent summer collection without saying much of anything! I just so happened to be lurking onto Trendmood1's Instagram (now mind you I deleted my Instagram to avoid makeup pics) and saw this picture along with several beautiful new eyeshadows and blushes and saw a RELEASE DATE OF JUNE. I'm thinking what? This cannot be real but I scrolled a little further and came upon this picture!
Now all these pics are courtesy of Trendmood1 (we do not get jiggy with taking pictures and not mentioning where they came from), and I was truly taken aback by all these new bold colors. The most we might get from MAC is a black from a limited edition collection but now we have whites, yellows, greys, and blues in the permanent collection...oh my. So I said to myself, umm its June 14th, you mean to tell me if I run to the MAC store today...I can purchase these colors, colors that include previous limited edition lippies like Punk Couture and Lavender Jade? So of course I got in my car and drove to Macy's. Now my Macy's didn't have Punk Couture or Lavender Jade but they did have the yellowish gold color called Gold XIXI, the black lippie, In my Spirit, Dew (periwinkle blue/purple), Dreampot (a baby blue), a beautiful lilac called Love & Cherished and a few reds named Mangrove and Red Rock. While there I quickly googled Temptalia's website and found her sneak peak and saw that their was supposed to be even more colors released! For now I got two shades. The ones that I thought were most unlike anything I already have in my collection, Dreampot and Dew.
So Dreampot is describes as a candy blue even though it looks more of a baby blue on me and Dew is described as a creamy purply blue, which is, in essence, periwinkle. Now I know you may be thinking, "girl you got the pastiest, most unwearable colors ever", and I did lol, however, with the right liner you can create a bold beautiful lip with both of these. Now my combos are a bit rushed because I should be getting ready for school right now but you get my drift. I love unconventional colors and will be rocking these to the supermarket!
Dreampot with Ruby Kisses Blue Lagoon as liner

Dreampot with Estee Edit The Storm as liner

Dew with a Dark Purple Nicka K lip liner

Dew with Wet n Wild Like Comment or Share eyeliner
Next on my list is a lime green frost called Wild Extract (for some reason it reminds me of Liquid Lurex from what I have seen in pics), Punk Couture because I regretted not purchasing it, and In the Spirit. I am lost for words at this collection and I know it wont be everybody's cup of tea but I love that MAC thought about those of us who are more attracted to the strange and unusual. So yas to that! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

LOTD Black Lipstick and MAC Hautecore Dupe

Black Lipstick
Ruby Kisses Blackism and MAC Dark Outsider
Who remembers that Mary J Blige Aint Gone Cry Video when she had that black scarf on and black lips looking absolutely popping? No? you don't remember? I must be showing my age lol. Well anywhoo if you like black lipstick or if you missed MAC Hautecore or just don't want to pay 16-20 dollars for a black lipstick I have a great alternative! Its Ruby Kisses Lipstick in Blackism. At the most this lipstick is 4 dollars at your local beauty supply store and it really is a safe start for those who want to venture into black lipsticks. It is also very similar to Kat Von D slayer due to its ultra matte texture (Slayer is next on my wish list once I run out of Kat Von D Witches, another matte black but in liquid to matte form). Here I am wearing Blackism with Mac Dark Outsider Cremesheen Glass which I love.
Black lip swatch
Black Lipstick is really wearable believe it or not. I find that different finishes can give you a different look. For night time I tend to go more matte and gloss it up in the daytime. I have even gotten away with wearing the black gloss at work. Talk about a rebel...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Hot Pink Lips: Stila Betsey

So today I was feeling rather cheery and thought why not rock out with your socks out and wear something bright on your lips Nead. I wanted something spicy but low maintenance and thought hmmm why not Stila's Color Balm lippie in Betsey? I literally went to three different stores for this lipstick after seeing the 2014 makeup looks for Betsey Johnson during fashion week because it looked good on every model, regardless of skin tone. It literally is a lip balm jam packed with color and I think I really like the consistency and minty tingle which is kind of weird. This lippie reminds me of the Revlon Lip Butters but they never really worked for me because they would build up in the crevices of my lips and give me that nasty white gunk that we all dread (Mostly all creamy lipsticks do this to me if I don't blot) and I could not get jiggy with that.
Stila Betsey
Its really your run of the mill bright hot pink which I think really compliments dark skin. The only thing I do not like about this product is the price tag. 22 bucks for a lip balm is a bit much but the color is truly gorgeous. The moisture and light weight texture it provides makes it a little more wearable than like a MAC Candy Yum Yum or Pink Pigeon which are both mattes.
woc swatch of stila betsey
Here are some comparison swatches. I really really really like pink lipsticks. MY absolute favorite is Fusion Pink and I cannot wait to do a post about it. Enjoy your day lovelies!
hot pink lipstick

Friday, June 10, 2016

Lip of the Day: Melt Cosmetics Blow

Hey Hey, Ramadan Mubarak! So I wanted to bring you guys a recent purchase and although I'm a little upset with the color of this lippie, as I thought it would be much darker, its still a beautiful lipstick.

Green Lipstick
Melt Blow Lipstick
When purchasing this lippie I was under the guise that it would be a deep, very matte green. Something similar maybe to Colourpop Dr. M Liquid Lipstick but more of a true green. Instead its more of a creamy matte and is more of a forest green. I still like it because it's beautiful and pops really nicely against my complexion. Here is the lip swatch, are you a fan of green lips?

Blow lipstick swatch

Thursday, June 9, 2016

My First Blog Post & MAC Pretty Please Lipstick

So, I decided to bite the bullet and create my lipstick blog. I have done Instagram and Tumblr but was starting to feel that they lacked that classic blogging feel. I remember when I first started wearing lipstick in 2009, I was a freshmen in college and had no idea what colors I could wear or even how to wear them. Needless to say my first lipsticks were from wet n wild and I stuck with berry's, deep purples, and deep reds to be safe (straight old lady offense to my older divas). I remember wanting to venture into less safe colors (pinks and bright reds) and I took to Google and YouTube to try to find other people of my complexion (I'm an nw45-47 depending on the mac girl that day...haha) and loved that I was able to find darker skinned ladies wearing anything that they wanted. There were very few back then, but now, I feel like we have such a plethora of women of color with whom we can identify with and that makes me so happy.

Still, we are in the era of the cake face. And I say that with no harm in mind because I love it. But as a Muslimah (As salamu alaikum!) with sensitive, acne prone skin, its rare that I apply foundation, contour, highlight, blush, primer, setting spray and the works, plus I am a full time doctoral student and needless to say "aint nobody got time for that". So I keep it simple, apply a little concealer, translucent powder, and a lippie and run out the door. It is literally a blessed day if I get to put on eyeshadow. Which brings me back to my passion, the vice that I love more than anything else in the universe (below God, family, and food)...LIPSTICK. I probably have 100+ dead serious. So why not share my passion. I wear lipstick everyday and starting today I would like to begin a series of Lip of the Days (LOTDs).

Now I know everybody is into liquid lips and I am too but my love for regular degular lippies was recently reignited. Honestly I think I got tired of my lips feeling like crap. Liquid lips are great for long wear but honey they make your lips dry as the Sahara and its summer in Jersey, I'm fasting for the month of Ramadan and I do not want to be uncomfortable. So not saying I wont include any liquid lippies in these LOTDs because I love me some Anastasia Beverly Hills Sad Girl, but for right now I'm loving a glossy lip. Which brings me to todays LOTD...Mac Pretty Please. 

MAC Pretty Please Lipstick

Pretty Please is a frosty pale neutral pink with white shimmer and its literally one of my favorite lipsticks. I know a lot of people don't like MAC lustre finishes but I am one that actually likes them. No they aren't as long lasting as their mattes, or even their amplifieds for that matter but they give just enough color and are comfortable to wear. This little baby is one that I have been neglecting even though I love it so. I don't know why, I guess like everyone else I was sucked into this whole matte craze (which I still am, shoot I'm really not picky when it comes to lippies as long as the quality is good) but I was recently looking into purchasing MAC Hue and instead of buying something new I thought why not use something you already have. Any who these are pics of what Pretty Please looks like on very pigmented lips. I am literally melanated everywhere!
Pretty Please alone

Pretty Please lipstick
 Pretty Please with MAC Morning Glory Lustreglass
Lipstick and gloss
 Pretty Please lined with NYX Y2K Liner
 (Yes I have brought back all the oldie but goodies)
pretty please lipstick and liner

What do you guys think? Pretty right? And my lips are as large and pigmented as they come. This lipstick provides the perfect pop of pink. I think I'll hold off on Hue and wait until I can Back to Mac and get a free lippie. Until tomorrow...Ramadan Mubarak!! Hope everyone has a lovely day! Buh bye loves.