Friday, July 29, 2016

LOTD: MAC Fresh Brew and Spite Lipglass, It's National Lipstick Day!

I'ts National Lipstick Day and although its pouring rain in New Jersey (I actually love rain but it keeps me home), what a wonderful day today is! Lipstick is my expression, it is my daily joy, and baby let me tell you...I'm more than happy to celebrate a day dedicated to it. So for this lovely day, I decided to take it back to one of my very 1st MAC lipsticks. I remember being in my freshman year of college going into Macy's and almost gagging at all the pretty colors. My first 3 lipstick purchases were Pink Nouveau, Ruby Woo, and Fresh Brew. I remember being angry because the MAC associate kept trying to convince me that those colors were too bright for a lady of my complexion. I'm an NW47 and he claimed that I'd look much better in creme de la femme which is pretty but frosty and very mature looking (to this day I've never purchased creme de la femme because of his snotty attitude). Luckily, I went with my gut, ignored him, purchased chestnut lip liner and OmG I just knew I was hot stuff. I loved Freshbrew! It was glossy, easy to wear, and just plain pretty. So in celebration of National Lipstick Day I bring you: Freshbrew.

Freshbrew is a greyed brown. It really does remind me of creamed coffee and it is a great nude option for women of all skin tones. Its really PRETTY lined with either of these 3 liners but Im sure any deeper brown liner would work.

I also like to pair Freshbrew with Spite Lip glass which is a plummy nude that just compliments the lipstick perfectly. This is what the combo looks like on me paired with chestnut lip liner. Chestnut gives it a warmer appearance but when I want a cooler look, I pair Freshbrew and Spite with Coffee. When I want only a slight transition from skin to lip I use Cocoa. Isn't Freshbrew just a cutie! Happy National Lipstick Day!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

LOTD: Wet n Wild 512B Sunset Peach and MAC Wild Extract (MAC Lollipop Loving Dupe)

So if you've read any of my previous posts it's probably obvious that I am CAPITAL O OBSESSED with the MAC lipstick in the shade Lollipop Loving. For years I couldn't figure out how to dupe it but thanks to new MAC lipstick in Wild Extract my prayers have literally been answered. Although this isn't exactly the same as Lollipop Loving its pretty darn close: and its the Wet n Wild Lipstick in Sunset Peach. Sunset Peach is basically a sheer peachy pink with gold shimmer and the only thing it was missing to perfectly dupe Lollipop Loving was the green duochrome which made Lollipop Loving so unique. So look at what I did! 

I swiped MAC Wild Extract right on top and you can see how pretty it is! I also did it with MAC Costa Chic for a more pigmented version. I think I prefer to put MAC Old Gold pigment on top of Costa Chic because it lasts forever on the lips that way but thats for a future post..told you I was obsessed!

It might just be me but I think this is so pretty. I put MAC lip gloss in domestic diva on top which is a sheer warm pink with rainbow glitter. If your lips are less pigmented than mine you'll really be able to see the pink. I love this combo and will be wearing it often. Oh and did I mention that the Wet n Wild lipstick is only...drumroll please...99 cents! Lollipop Loving is selling anywhere from 50 to 100 dollars on Ebay and its old as dirt so idk how safe it would be to purchase but there you have it. I'm pleasantly pleased! 

Monday, July 18, 2016

LOTD: MAC Pink Pigeon

Wanted to do a quick little lip of the day just because! Woke up in a great mood had a great 2.5 hour work out at le gym...and also had a decent, healthy lunch. No cheeseburgers today. Anywhoo feast your eyes on this baby: Pink Pigeon.

I cant even remember what the MAC website described this as...and Im too lazy to go check. Its hot pink, neutral undertoned on me but it may look more blue based on others. This lippie is matte but comfy. I find that it doesnt become unbearably dry until about 4 hours in, and my lips can get outright crusty. 

Today I lined with a wet n wild 99 cent lipstick called fuschia with blue pearl (exact dupe of MACs pink poodle) and ran out the door. It didnt necessarily last through my workout but I never apply lipsticks heavy and it left a cute even stain. Im liking pinks for now so lets see how long this lasts before I'm on to the next color.

Friday, July 8, 2016

LOTD: Nars Barbarella & Chelsea Girls Lip Gloss

Nars is slowly creeping up as one of my favorite brands. Their lippies are light, have a variety of textures, and their lip gloss is not sticky, yet still long lasting! The only con about these products is that they cost entirely too much! 26 bucks for the gloss and 28 for the lipstick. Because of the price I've been very selective of which colors to purchase.

I have a couple but today I decided to wear Barbarella a peachy nude pink along with Chelsea Girls gloss which is also a peachy color. Here's what the combo looks like. Its a nice nude on my complexion but would be much more pink on lighter skinned people.

Pretty right? I love these type of colors and lined my lips with Palladio Walnut. This is going to be in heavy rotation. Enjoy all! Till next time.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

LOTD: MAC On and On Lipstick

When I saw the swatch of this lipstick my eyes bucked. By now its probably clear that I am a MAC girl and totally have a thing for classic MAC collections. This is exactly, now I can't prove it per se because I don't have it...but this is exactly like High Top lipstick from the Fafi Collection! Described as a purple with blue pearl, it's a sheer but buildable purple with a teal green shift. I love the wear as its glittery but not at all gritty.

Here is the best pic I could get of the glitter. This is so pretty.