Wednesday, August 31, 2016

LOTD: MAC Fusion Pink

Okay, Fusion Pink is probably the brightest, most beautiful pink lipstick I have ever graced these big beautiful lips with. Its a red toned pink with blue shimmer and it looks really nice alone or paired with a grey shadow look. Because I'm wearing yellow today I decided to wear it by it's lonesome because as a muslimah, wearing a yellow hijab, with lipstick and eyeshadow would have just been a little too much.

My mom picked this color for me and she did an excellent job. This is a pro color but pro colors are now available in store and I'm grateful because this color is just so pretty and unique. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

MAC Flamingo Lipstick



Because I've been obsessed with corals I decided to feature MAC's Flamingo for today's post. I haven't blogged in a bit and I feel guilty that it's been so long. School and finals were kicking my butt. My doctoral program has trimesters so we dont get breaks and apparently I don't get tired! But anywhoooooo, Flamingo is a lustre finish, pinky coral and very opaque (so surprised because lustre finishes are normally sheer)! I really like the color and it gives a nice pop to the lip.

Below I have the color swatched next to other corals that I love. Flamingo is definitely a statement that's wearable on all skin tones. Its a safe bet if you're stepping into the realms of corals go pick it up!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Quick LOTD: Nars Blonde Venus

Blonde Venus is a really wearable nude beige. Here I have it lined with MAC Bittersweet and topped with MAC boybait. Such a cute nude for summer. I'm rushing out the house so I cant write more but I love this color! Later!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Current Favorite Lip Products!!!

My best friend woke me up at 2am :/ I wish she would call at normal persons hours. Now im up, delirious, and creepily swatching lip products because if I go to sleep now, I risk missing my morning prayer...ahhhhh!

  • So first up: Lipsticks
L to R: MAC Neon Orange, Fun N Sexy, Relentlessly Red, Pink Nouveau, and Courting Seduction

L to R: Nyx Indian Pink, Wet N Wild Penthouse Sweet, MAC Viva Glam Rihanna, Viva Glam 1, Rimmel Coral Garden, MAC Sweetie, High Tea, and Fleshpot

L to R: MAC Girl Next Door, Nars Barbarella (my fav!), Nyx Stella and Mac Old Gold Pigment, Nyx Indian Pink, and MAC Pink Nouveau or is that Penthouse Sweet? Crap it's Penthouse bad.

  • Next up: Glosses
L to R: MAC Date Night Dazzleglass, Ornamental Lustreglass, Domestic Diva Lipglass, and Bountiful Plushglass

L to R: MAC Kinky, Buxom Debbie, MAC C-thru, MAC Modern Lure, Buxom Natalie, MAC Pinkarat, Nars Giza
I threw in some pencils just for the heck of it. I always line my lips...always

L to R: Nyx Purple Rain, Nicka K Red, Wet N Wild Mink Brown, Nicka K Dark Red, MAC Nightmoth, MAC Chestnut, Wet N Wild Simma Down Now
I just want to say...I'm praying and going to bed! Also MAC is discontinuing lustre and dazzleglasses so go stock up before they're gone if you're into that sort of thing. Hide yo kids, hide yo wives, cause MAC out here discontinuing everything.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Girl Next Door released with the Archie's Girl Collection and was the only lippie I could find left from the collection. I also got a gloss called Feelin So Good that's also pretty cute. The collection sold out quickly online and by the time I got my coins right, everything was gone...with exception to those 2! Now don't get me wrong I was happy to have them but I wanted a couple more colors as well.

Girl next door is a shimmery light pink with little blue and pink shimmers in it. I seem to always be attracted to these kinds of colors. Below I have it lightly lined with a fuschia pink liner and think it looks really wearable. It would look really nice with a pink and purple smokey eye. Alrighty ladies...I'm out of here till next time. Peace.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

LOTD: MAC Courting Seduction

I purchased this lippie a while ago because it was just so darn pretty. I hate that it's limited edition (Blue Nectar Collection) but MAC has another color (permanent) called Love and Cherished that's similar but just not as opaque since it's a cremesheen and this one is an amplified. Although its quite pale I got it anyway...I mean who can deny lavender lipstick shades!

Alas! It was so pale and pastel that I looked like a full on crackhead when I tried it on at home and almost regretted my purchase. Haha! However I am nobody's quitter and I decided that this lipstick in all its pastelly goodness was worth tinkering with. So I tried chestnut liner and it was too red based...I tried my indigo liner from NK and that was too cool...but then I tried MAC nightmoth liner and put a little pagoda cremesheen glass on top and it was a match made in heaven! Only God could give us something so gorgeous.

Despite some initial setbacks I've found that these types of colors are really flattering on dark skin. With a little help of course they are a bit easier to pull off than pink (which I also think is really complimentary to black skin). Dark skin ladies dont be afraid! These colors can be gorgeous on us as well.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Collection Spotlight: MAC It's a Strike

!!!!!!! Yes I just began a sentence with exclamation points, totally ignoring the laws of grammar! I am so excited for this collection. The Good Luck Trolls Collection (recently released with one really pretty but common color and two icky colors) was such a let down despite really cute packaging which I actually went to mac and purchased and then immediately returned because I hate the lipstick (it was lime green, chalky, and just nasty looking...sorry MAC you know I love you but please explain that horrendous lippie). SO WHEN I SAW THE PICTURES OF THE LUCKY STRIKE COLLECTION AND PARTICULARLY SAW WHAT WAS RELEASING IN THIS COLLECTION I SCREAMED WITH GLEE! In this collection will be the beautiful, infamous Liquid Lurex lipstick that released with the Digi Pops collection. It's a dazzle lipstick which is a finish that I have been hoping would return for years!!! Trying to describe the color is difficult, its like a tarnished gold with pink sparkles. By Golly I'm so excited writing this...I'm typing a mile a minute. I can't even right now...

The collection will also include many other products that include a face powder, eye shadows, liners, casual colors, and other lipsticks that incorporate some permanents, re-promotes, and completely new lippies.
  • Honeylove – light beige toned with rose (matte)
  • Flat Out Fabulous – bright plum matte (retro matte)
  • All Fired Up – bright fuchsia matte (retro matte)
  • Perfect Score – deep red (matte)
  • Bowl Me Over – deep burnt brown (retro matte) (online exclusive)
  • Liquid Lurex – tarnished gold (dazzle)
  • Babes and Balls – deep burgundy (matte)
When this collection is released at the end of the month I am going to buy 2 Liquid Lurex's because only God knows if it will return and this collection is limited edition. The release date will be August 25th internationally in stores and I promise you, I am going to put my little money aside for my lippies and will not be the least bit interested in purchasing anything till then. If you guys do not understand the sheer gorgeousness of Liquid Lurex, do me a favor and look up old swatches. It is going to look absolutely fierce lined with MAC Nightmoth...omg I am drooling. Anywhoo till next time loves! Tootles and salams!