Friday, September 30, 2016

LOTD and A little Dupe or Nah

Hey hey! Today's dupe post actually inspired a LOTD. I must keep things short and to the point...unfortunately I have thangs to do. Not even being funny right is ruining my life...but I bring to you MAC Mac Red. Yeah MAC named a red Mac Red lol. It doesn't get much hype but it is a beautiful red with a slightly pink undertone and I like it because it's not drying.

In the picture I'm wearing it with Buxom Debbie and its just so juicy!

So some posts back I did a drugstore haul and brought home some reds (lipstick that is)...and by golly both looked similar to one another and Mac Red. The lippies I purchased were Maybelline On Fire Red and Revlon Certainly Red. Both are bright with a hint of pink and just like Mac Red, I have fallen in love with them.

On my lips I have all three swatched. Can you tell a difference? If there is one it's so minor that it probably isnt worth it to have all three. Certainly Red and Mac Red are the closest in texture, while On Fire Red is more glossy. Now who said black women couldn't wear red lipstick? Whoever said it was bugging! Okay guys that's it for today. I gotta go till next time....peace!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

LOTD: MAC Breathing Fire Lipstick

I really need to go to sleep as it's almost 1am. I had a long day at school, shucks I've had a long week. Today I took a physiological psychology midterm, of which I had been studying for a whole week, and right now I just want to do something for me. I want to talk about the lipstick that I wore today. It's a part of the newly added and permanent Bangin Brilliant line of lipsticks at MAC and it is gorgeous. My only wish is that I could have taken a picture of myself wearing it with flash. Alas...I didn't think about it at the time...I was thinking about the fries that I was going to devour and what pink false eyelashes would look like (haha don't ask. I don't even wear falsies).

I don't even know what the mac website describes this color as but you know what let me go right back. 

Okay I'm back after 5 minutes and I just cannot traverse the new MAC is extremely confusing. If the description is there I can't find it. But anywhoo Breathing Fire is a bright, slightly warm, blue toned hot pink very similar if not identical to Quick Sizzle from the Shop Cook/Mac collection of old. I felt all sorts of sassy with this lipstick on today. It's darker than lets say a Candy Yum Yum or OCC Nylon, but it's still neon looking which I love! 

Top to Bottom: MAC Girl About Town, NYX Shiva, Revlon Fuchsia Fusion, MAC Candy Yum Yum, Revlon Persian Melon, Sephora Call Girl, NYX Sweet Pink, Wet N Wild Don't Blink Pink, NYX Miami Nights, MAC Breathing Fire, Milani Rose Hip
SOOOO, I just had to do some comparisons because I love hot pink lipsticks. They are so WOC friendly and I wanted to see if it matched anything in my collection. I honestly feel like everything swatched in the above picture is different. To the non-lipstick junkie they might all look the same but to me I can definitely see differences. I was thinking that the NYX Matte Velvet Lipstick in Miami Nights would be identical to Breathing Fire, but its darker and as much as I love the is one of the worst formula's of matte lipstick that I have ever tried. It's so dry that it crumbles up on the lips and just looks hideous. Now...when I wore it I could have put on a gloss or prepped my lips with lip balm...but I didn't want to. So when I try it with balm I will let you guys know how it goes. For now...I'm highly disappointed in it! Oooh Girl About town is so pretty! Maybe I'll wear it tomorrow. Until next time.

Peace and Hair Grease


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lip Series: Dupes or Nah

MAC Viva Glam Rihanna vs. Wet n Wild Cherry Frost vs Urban Decay Wrath

Welcome to the 2nd installation of my dupes or nah series. I guess I decided to stick with the theme and I am feeling a little better...just a little (recently caught a cold, have been extremely unmotivated, beastly, and cranky lol), but found some more possible dupes in my collection and wanted to put these babies to the test. 

Okay I'm excited because I love sparkly reds. Most people attribute these types of reds to the holidays but I'm Muslim and don't celebrate much of anything so for me this is a summer red (well all year around basically). A very in your face, bam red with some sparkle. Add gloss in the daytime or a smoky eye at night and you are good to go! So above I present to you Viva Glam Rihanna which is a red with red and gold frost, Wet n Wild Cherry Frost, also a red with gold frost, and Urban Decay Vice lipstick in Wrath which is a red with ruby sparkles . In the picture above they look pretty close so lets look at the swatch!

Okay so on top we have Viva Glam Rihanna, beneath it is Cherry Frost and lastly there's Wrath. Right off the bat I wanna say that Cherry Frost looks the deepest and that Wrath is the most different. Rihanna and Cherry Frost are more blue based and Wrath looks more neutral. Idk let's see them on the lips.

Can you tell which is which? Wrath is at the top, Cherry Frost in the Middle and Rihanna is on the bottom. Overall I would say that all three are quite close with very subtle differences. Do you need all 3? Probably not, unless you're a stickler like me and care about the subtle differences I mentioned. Matter of factly, I think Wrath might be a great dupe for an old MAC lipstick called Queen's Sin as shown here by Temptalia.

These are quite definitely dupes! Not as close as I expected them to be but dupes nonetheless. Enjoy your day dolls!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lip Series: Dupes or Nah

Dupes or Nah!!

I was going to excitedly say that I was starting a series of posts titled dupes or nah!! But you know what I don't like the idea of having to commit to it so we'll just see how I feel. By the way, I have a nasty cold and am not the nicest person right now. So maybe when I start feeling better my attitude will change. Now lets get to it!

I bring to you lovely's MAC Dear Diary and Maybelline Fuchsia Flash. Now Dear Diary came out some moons ago in the Beth Ditto collection. I can't remember exactly what year maybe 2013 (don't get me to lying) but it was limited edition and sold out quickly. Because I'm weirdly attracted to these blue based hot pinks I also bought Maybelline Fuchsia Flash and as soon as I did I was like Nead you sucka already have this color!

Now you can see in the pic that Dear Diary is just a tid lighter. But on the lips I kid you not, they look exactly the same. And if you missed out on Dear Diary and just have to have it...go get Maybelline Fuchsia Flash. Now its not as long lasting as the prolongwear formula but they are both creamy and comfortable and very similar in texture. I think it's a really good alternative. These 2 lipsticks are definitely dupes! 

Monday, September 12, 2016

LOTD: MAC Sweetie Lipstick and Bountiful Plushglass

Mac sweetie is a wearable plummy pink that I love wearing with bountiful lipglass. I first saw this lipstick worn by Temptalia and figured that it would look nice on me. My lips have a natural plummy tone and this lipstick highlights my lips so naturally. 

I know I say this alot but this lipstick is one of my favorites because it's truly effortless. It's a lustre finish so it goes on glossy but after a while it dries my lips worse than a matte lippie. If you are just venturing into lipstick try won't regret it.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2

Viva Glam Ariana Grande 2 is described as a deep cool pink by MAC. In my opinion it's more purple than pink, its very magenta, and I truly enjoy these sorts of colors.

Ariana 2 is very different from its predecessor which was a deep plum color, and is instead, more girly and bubbly. Just looking at it makes me want to throw on some hot pink and run through a field of daffodils! See in my opinion the first color was really hard to associate with Ariana but this one is more reminiscent of her personality. 


Without flash the color does look more pink. However, I actually found the color to be more reminiscent of true life when I did photo it with flash.

It's cute! Yas I'm liking it on me! And in the above photos I'm not wearing it with liner. I could easily see it being really pretty with MAC Magenta or NYX Purple Raine. I could even see it being ombre'd with MAC Punk Couture or Cyber. What do you guys think? Do you like this release more than the first one? I know I do. I think I'm going to rock this baby for the rest of the day. 

Although I hate providing dupes for Viva Glam products I did compare it to several pinky purples in my collection. 

Top to Bottom: MAC Have Your Cake, Covergirl Divine, Revlon Berry Haute, and VG Ariana Grande

P.S. Even though I provided dupes, if you can go get the lipstick, its for a good cause!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another Haul Yall!

Since my recent voyage into the drugstore turned out pretty decently, I decided to wake up really early and head to Rite Aid to try some more colors. When I first started wearing makeup all I bought was drugstore, but I guess I've become quite bourgeoisie because now I don't want to have anything to do with the I harbor some animosity because many of my favorite colors have been discontinued :/
However, since I liked Fuchsia Fusion lipstick so much I went back for some more Revlon and even branched into Black Radiance since it was on sale. Everything in the swatch pics were lined with either MAC Nightmoth lip liner or Punk Couture Lipstick.

So I must say, I came upon some pretty colors and fared even better this go around. However as much as I love the colors, the Black Radiance packaging sucks! It is so I sat n bedazzled their tops to make myself feel better. I then got glitter happy and bedazzled the Revlon packaging as well...look a girl can never have too much glitter. They came out really nicely too! But Andale...lets move unto the actual lipsticks.

Hollywood Glam is a matte, slightly metallic, magenta pink with a heavy purple undertone. I have no complaints other than the packaging, it's smooth, pigmented and I can't wait to test the longevity.

Hibiscus is a creamy lipstick with more of a warm undertone, although on me, well shoot, it looks a little neutral. It's also a pretty pink and I think it would be really fitting for ladies with a medium skin tone. I have a feeling it wont be very long lasting because it's a cream but that's okay I do not mind reapplying.

Persian Melon also looks really warm in the tube but on the lips has a bit of a blue base. I always think my natural lip color makes warm colors look cooler. But anywhoo Persian melon is a hot pink with a hint of coral, very cute and it's also a cream finish so its very comfortable on the lips.

Last but probably my favorite of the bunch is Revlon Certainly Red. This color is gorgeous. It's a blue based fire engine red with a cream finish. It applied smoothly and opaquely and I honestly did not want to take it off. I can see this topped with a little clear gloss for a truly juicy look.

Don't sleep on the drugstore you some coin because there are some quality products in there!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Mini Haul: Nomad x Marakesh and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks


I've been taking a break from face makeup lately because I had a pretty bad case of clogged pores on my cheeks. So I haven't worn anything that could remotely fall on my face and break me out...I mean not even freaking eye liner. However, one of my good friends Tikah bought me a cute little bag of makeup from a company called Nomad. It came with 3 eyeshadows and a mascara and it put me in the mood to do some shopping. So I headed to the drugstore to see if I could find some gems to go along with my new shadows.

Now the drugstore has been very lack luster for me lately but I did settle on two lippies from Revlon that I thought I might like. One I'm very satisfied with (Fuchsia Fusion)...the other is blah (Wine with Everything). I mean...I'm sure I can fix it up to my liking but sometime you don't want to have to fuss with a lip color. This is my biggest gripe about the drugstore, lip products are either hit or miss for me and if the brand isn't Wet n Wild, NYX, or Rimmel, I'm usually disappointed. But before we fully get into the lipsticks, lets first talk about these shadows.

Golden Mosque is a yellow gold with intense color pigmentation. In one swipe it provided full coverage and had a lovely shimmer.

Jardin Majorelle is a periwinkle almost cobalt blue that had a little trouble with pigmentation. It took about 4 swipes to get decent color pigmentation, and I'm guessing that because it is a matte shadow, it had a more difficult time depositing color. It's still a very pretty color and I could see myself using it to top liner.

Last but not least (because this one is my favorite out of the bunch) is Desert Sands. Desert Sands is a bronzed gold shimmer shadow and highly pigmented. I think it is most fitting for my complexion. Overall, these shadows are really pretty and I cant wait to play with them (thanks Tink)!!

Now on to these lippies...

We'll start with the one I didn't like, Wine with Everything. When looking at this color in the container I was fully expecting it to be a nice sparkly, almost Christmas, red. Something along the lines of Milani's discontinued color Cherry Craze or MAC Viva Glam Rihanna. Although the color is pigmented and sparkly, there is something almost dull about it that I just do not like. The sparkle is silvery instead of red, pink, or gold and its a little weird for me. After lining and filling my lips in with a red liner I did like the color more but on its own its a no.

Now Fuchsia Fusion...Fuchsia Fusion is life! It is a nice magenta pink with a blue duochrome that makes it very flattering and wearable. It even makes my teeth look really white and I can see myself wearing this very often with a forrest green eye liner. Although I am still on the hunt for the perfect sparkly red lip, especially with fall coming, I am pretty happy with my new goodies overall! Have you guys been doing any hauling?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

MAC Girl About Town Lipstick and Twerkquoise Lipglass

Peace all,

Today I wanted to talk about a classic lippie and show you a new and very fun, lipglass. This combo pretty much is me in a nutshell: I have a love for old school MAC collections but still love an edgy lip color (I will wear black, blue, green, or silver if I'm in the mood)!

So first up is Girl About Town...

Girl About Town (GAT) is a perfect blue based fuschia and I have never seen this color look bad on anybody. I have seen it on the lightest to the darkest and it always looks really nice and bright but wearable at the same time. I know its hard to believe that bright and wearable could be used in the same sentence but I kid you not...GAT is both bright and wearable.

Above I have it lined with MAC Vino and topped with Twerkquoise Lipglass, which brings me to the next part of the post. Feast your eyes on this cutie!

Yes Twerkquoise is light blue and shimmery. It's pretty sheer and just provides a hint of blue to whatever it's put on top of. My bare lips are really pigmented so it literally makes them look purple. I love how it looks on top of GAT and am happy I picked it up. It released in the Good Luck Trolls collection (which I kinda disliked) and im glad I got it. What do you guys think? Are you all for the new classic theme (I feel like I'm stealing this from Iggy Azealia, not really sure, maybe? Idk)? Pairing something old with something new might just revamp it or give it an extra bit of umph. I say GAT is perfect on it's own but a little umph never hurt nobody...