Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Nyx Round Lipstick Collection & Swatches

I know that a lot of people don't like Nyx Round Lipsticks, but I so happen to love them. They're creamy, have decent staying powder, and are super affordable. These used to be really popular among beauty bloggers some years ago but Nyx added many new lip products: mattes, liquid lippies and creams (all sorts of stuff), and these have since lost popularity. However, I still love them and they are probably one of my favorite formulas after Mac. Soooo...I decided to show my little collection! They have so many dupes for discontinued Mac lipsticks and are only 4 dollars! Girl go get you some and stay tuned for swatches!

Hebe is a Shimmery Strawberry Red.
This is a newer one for me since I love shimmery red lipsticks
and you probably would have already heard about it from me!
If you liked Viva Glam Rihanna, Queen's Sin or
Port Red this is a great and cheaper alternative.

Nyx Shiva is a pretty blue based hot pink.
I am obsessed with these types of colors.
Anywhoo, Shiva has blue and purple shimmers in it that gives it a pretty duochrome.
This is extremely similar to Mac Pink Poodle lipstick,
which is no longer available...shoot I think they might be perfect dupes.
I also think its comparable to Mac Dance of Pants of and Fun N Sexy.

Nyx Circe is a pale beige with a little bit of a pink undertone.
It's one of those kinds of lipsticks that you either love or hate.
It's nearly impossible to wear without liner, but when
done right can look absolutely beautiful.
It is an exact dupe for Mac's Viva Glam Gaga 2
and I think its quite nice with a clear gloss over top.

Honey is almost identical to Circe but its just a wee bit darker.
Also a pale beige. I think Honey is less wearable than Circe 
and I don't reach for it as much. 
Maybe because it lacks the pink undertone that Circe has.

Nyx Nyx, (yup the lipstick is called Nyx) is a frosty orange.
It immediately reminded me of Mac Who's That Chick
that released with the Riri Collection when I purchased it.
I would say its a little more red, while Who's that chick
is pure orange, like tangerine-ish orange! They both remind me
of more mature colors but I still rock them!

Next up is Indian Pink and I love it! I probably wear this
more than any other lipstick! It is a coral pink with gold duochrome
and it is almost an exact dupe for Mac Dainty Cake lipstick!
It is so wearable and looks the bomb with teal eye liner.

Hmm, now I know I just said that Indian Pink was my
favorite but I love Power too. Many say it is a dupe for Mac Lavender 
Whip but I think that it is in a category of its own. 
Maybe a mix between Mac Blooming Lovely and Lavender 
Whip...idk I just think its beautiful. It is more of a mauve 
lavender, if that even makes sense. It has some pink and grey in it. 
The pic of the lipstick isn't the most accurate 
but the lip swatch pic is more representative of the actual color.

Umm I don't know what possessed me to purchase Harmonica.
It's pale pink and frosty. However, its starting to grow on me.
This color is super similar to Mac Bubbles and I use it with
a purple liner and gloss and it looks really pretty, believe it or not!

This was another lipstick that I purchased having absolutely no
idea how frosty it would be. But I do like it. Baby Pink is almost like Harmonica,
silvery and pale, but instead of pink it has a lavender
undertone. It looks very like Mac Pervette (pervette is more pink)
and some have even compared it to Mac Fashion Mews,
which released in the Hello Kitty Collection.
With a gloss on top like Mac Pagoda it is gorgeous!

Narcissus is a pretty barbie pink. It also has some shimmer 
in it but it's slight. Some people compare it to Mac Saint 
Germain but I think it's warmer. It's a pure pink whereas 
Saint Germain has some purple tones to it.

And Lastly (gosh, I didn't think I would get through this post),
there is Stella. A coral pink with white shimmer. 
It sounds weird but the color works. The shimmer is slight and its just 
really pretty. I don't wear this as much as the others but I like it.

Here are some of the dupes in my own collection. 
I couldn't find Saint Germain to compare with Narcissus 
but trust's not a dupe.

Nyx Shiva vs Mac Dance Off Pants Off

Nyx Baby Pink Vs Mac Pervette

Nyx Nyx vs Mac Who's That Chick
I made it y'all! This was a super long post but I truly love these lipsticks. They are such a steal! These can be found online at the Nyx website or in store at Ulta. Ahh, I love a deal! Again go get you some!

Friday, October 28, 2016

A Smoky Eye And Two Different Lip Options

Today is another no face makeup day (I like to do 2 days on and 2 days off to let my skin recover). But I still wanted to do a little eye shadow though. I was bored and wanted to make myself pretty before beginning to write up an assessment for school. I do not know why I decided on a smoky eye. I can never get them right and I always feel like someone brutally punched me in the eyes after I'm done. But I guess this one came out okay. I made sure to be especially light with my brushes today. I mean I know a beat face is what we should aspire to, but going too heavy on the shadow when doing a smoky look can make you look like you just got finished sparring (haha I crack myself up)! 

The look was really simple too. I used two colors from the Wet n Wild Spoiled Brat Trio (shimmery black and metallic silver) and this is what it came out like. Hopefully you can see it...I don't know why I didn't get a close ups of the eyes...I think I was being a bit lazy.

I wanted to try two different lip looks because I think smoky looks balance out really well with pinks and lavenders. The first lip is a combination of Maybelline Lilac Flush and Mac Time to Shine Lipstick, while the second lip is Mac Candy Yum Yum. No liners were harmed/used in the making of this video and as you can see two really bright lipsticks were completely balanced out by the eye look (at least I think so). I normally have to tone these types of colors down with liner but didn't feel the need to today!

Even though I went with Candy Yum Yum to wear for the rest of the day, I have to say I am liking the way Lilac Flush and Time to Shine mixed. It almost looks like Fashion Mews from the Hello Kitty collection. Never thought I would be comfortable with a smoky eye look AND lipstick (I would have only worn gloss in the past), but these kinda work! Enjoy guys. See you next time!


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

LOTD: Mac Leap of Delight Liptick and Feelin So Good Lipglass

Today I went for a neutral pink eye, brown liner and plummy lips. Love it! I recently watched clueless and just wanted to give 90's realness with this look. My lighting is off. For some reason when I wear light colors my camera has a really hard time picking them up against my skintone. I have no idea why but yeah. I hijabed flipped to this look, and if you do not know what a hijab flip is its basically a hair flip but with the islamic head covering. Yes I flipped it! Keeping it short today. See you next time.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Lipstick in Leap of Delight

The Nutcracker Sweet Collection is a part of Mac's annual holiday release and I must say the packaging is gorgeous. The collection is huge, full of kits and bags and brushes and all sorts of lovely goodies. I settled on one lipstick because I am supposed to be going on a no buy (didn't buy this, received it as a gift...thanks love!) and honestly, all of the lipsticks that released in the limited edition packaging are really similar to colors I already have. 

Leap of Delight is a purply plum and it matched the packaging. I can never have too many purples. 

As you can see, the color is pretty deep but also lighter than I expected based on Temptalia's Swatch. I thought it would be a richer color but most likely due to my complexion and lip color, it doesn't look as bold. I really like it, its really similar to Punk Couture but more plummy and less purple. Cannot wait to wear it with a cute gloss, as it's a matte finish, and I haven't been into matte lips lately. It is going to be so cute! Lip swatches coming soon!

Top to Bottom: Mac Leap of Delight, Punk Couture, and Witching Hour

Mac Selena Como La Flor (Like the Flower) Lipstick 

I honestly don't know why it took me so long to do a post on this lipstick, I've had it for weeks. I love Selena and I think I was seriously holding it as some sacred lipstick that I didnt want to share with anyone. I also think my experience at Macy's with the hoards of women rushing the Mac counter leaving only 2 lipsticks for me and another young lady traumatized me.

I wanted dreaming of you as well and planned to purchase one for a friend but it literally sold out before I could get to the counter. And to think I called myself waking up early to get to Macy's as soon as it opened. Psssh when I got there, there was already a huge line! But thank God I was able to get Como La Flor.

Although I am not a fan of neutral reds, I am happy to have her. She has a bit of sparkle that doesn't show up on the lips and an amplified finish. Heres what she looks like on me. 

Kinda cute! Just a wee bit too red for my liking! I do like the purple packaging and think Selena would be super proud! I remember first seeing the petition on instagram for this collection and was so happy to see Mac notice how much her fans loved her. 

Did you get anything from the collection?! I haven't had this much trouble getting items from a collection since the Riri one! Anywhoo enjoy your day. See you next time.

Monday, October 24, 2016

LOTD: MAC Dance Off Pants Off & A Little Swatcharoo of Glitter Grunge

Okay so you know how the other day I talked smack about how the pink lipstick from the trolls collection was boring and just like a bunch of colors I already had? Well it's not! It's actually really pretty and when I swatched it next to my pinks it was indeed different. Dance Off Pants Off is a frosty hot pink, and it veers almost purple on me. I love it guys!

I'm outside of school blogging so this wont be long just wanna show you the color and another gloss from the Goodluck Trolls collection. I know that I've broken the collection up into several segments...I just had no idea I would like the collection as much as I did, and literally bought all the products I have at different times. But for 6 and 7 dollars who could blame me for getting more of this collection, while its 60% off!

Dance Off Pants Off

Sigh. So pretty. Now the movie needs to come out! It looks so cute and who doesn't love Justin Timberlake?!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Good Luck Troll 60% of Sale and a Mini Haul! No...I Was Not At the CCO.

Hey all. I just so happened to stop into the mall to buy my mom an umbrella and walked past the MAC counter to see a big old 60% off sign and loads of Good Luck Troll products. I also saw a beautiful lipstick from the Star Trek Anniversary Collection and said why not? Might as well (I know I am supposed to be on a no buy but a lady's got to do what a lady's got to do). So, I put the no buy on hold. I know...I have no self control but I promise this is it for the rest of the year, until March. I have already solidified my gift from the Nutcracker Sweet Collection, so I don't have to worry about putting any money toward that. 

Here is what I got. I am in love with everything, God knows I needed it with the semester I've been having!!! 

Macy's basically had everything from the Good Luck Trolls Collection from the beauty powders to the brushes, to the spray on hair color. The only thing that sold out at my location was the lipstick, Dance Off Pants Off. A frosted hot pink, basic, have about a gazillion colors like it, so I decided to get the beauty powder in Glo Rida (peachy pale gold), which is gorgeous...let me tell you. The compact, the product, everything! I would do it as a highlight or all over (very lightly) if I want a dewy look! And I also got the lipstick in the color, Can't Be Tamed. It's a chartreuse green with a cute shimmer. Yup I said chartreuse. I got it because I didn't have anything like it. It basically looks like a weird but good nude, and me, I like anything weird but good, you know? Haha, and with the freaking 60% off it was only $7.20! The beauty powder was only $11.20! That's freaking cheaper than Physician's Formula in the drugstore! I just feel like this is a once in a lifetime experience, like I have been abducted by aliens or what. I SAVED MONEY AT THE MAC COUNTER! 

Now the Star Trek Lippie is difficult to describe. The color is called Where No Man Has Gone Before and because I have really pigmented lips I could not see the actual color until I wiped it off. It looked like a deep pink with bronze shimmer on the tissue, but on my lips you really just see the bronze and maybe a bit of a sheer deep pink. Either way, I think it is gorgeous and feel MAC did an excellent job with picking colors that would truly represent Star Trek.

Look at these babies! If only the Star Trek lippie was on sale! I probably would have did a cartwheel right along the aisle!

I am so happy with my purchase. To be honest, I didn't have the best day. I found out that I missed handing in a pivotal assignment for school as there was a discrepancy with our syllabus (it had the wrong due date!), it was cold, I am generally overwhelmed with life, and plain old tired. I would have cried had I not been so exhausted...I couldn't even get the tears to flow. So these products were a lifesaver today. I will forgive myself for putting off the no-buy, retail therapy was indeed needed!

Here are more swatches. Totally forgot to swatch Glo Rida. My bad, it's late and I need to be somewhere hibernating. Seriously, I just need a solid week of 8 hour sleeps. I've been averaging 4-6 hours and I think its killing me.

Goodbye peeps. Till next time!