Sunday, November 27, 2016

Small Black Friday Haul at the CCO and the Last of the Sheen Supreme Lipsticks!

Holla!! Lol I should truly be ashamed of myself. I shopped even though I wasn't supposed to! Look guys, it was Black Friday, a friend of mine asked me to take her to the outlets, and I barely ever have the opportunity to go to the CCO. For those of you who may be unaware, the Cosmetic Company Outlet aka the CCO is like the absolute greatest place on earth for makeup junkies. They have limited edition and discontinued products for 30% off and because it was Black Friday I got an additional 10% off as well. If you could see my eyes in that store...I was like a small child in a candy store or at the lunchables aisle at the supermarket. Y'all know kids love lunchables!

Although my CCO had tons of items from different companies, I stuck with Mac, which probably isn't the most surprising. But what was most exciting about my trip is that the CCO had a few Sheen Supreme lipsticks left over. I have not been able to find these lipsticks anywhere! I've called several MAC stores, checked online at Retailers and nobody had them! So, when I saw these babies I scooped them up so fast! I settled with a peachy nude called Tea Ceremony, got two (yes two) Asian Flower lipsticks (lavender and gorgeous), and a limited edition nude lip gloss (from the Alluring Aquatic collection) to match the nude lipstick called Seducing Sound! 

Here they are:

And here are some lip swatches:
Tea Ceremony
Asian Flower
Seducing Sound
Makeup shopping makes me so happy! What I like the most about the Sheen Supreme lipsticks is that they are creamy and apply like a dream. Why on earth would Mac discontinue these? I haven't checked the longevity of these yet but I have heard people say they last anywhere from 3 hours to 6 hours. I will definitely provide an update once I wear these for a prolonged period. Now for the bad! THEY ARE DISCONTINUED!!! WAAAAAAAH!! If you want any of the sheen supreme's please check your local CCO. You may even have luck finding some left over at mac counters. For now I am so happy I found Asian Flower because it is gorgeous! Two should be more than enough to hold me over because there is about 3.6 grams of product in each tube. I am so excited! 

Till next time loves,

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

LOTD: MAC Liquid Lurex

Hey! So its been a minute. I had a seven day vacation. Actually, I went to the Bahamas, and although I planned to blog while there, it didn't happen. I had so much fun that I didn't really wanna ruin the moment with taking pictures. Have you ever felt that way? Like sometimes we get so caught up in social media, that we forget to actually socialize with physically present people, we forget to experience the moment. So, yup decided not to blog! But now I'm returning some two weeks later with a lip of the day! YAY!!

So Liquid Lurex is a beautiful tarnished gold with a green hue and pink sparkles. It is a dazzle finish lipstick, which means its just completely blingy and sparkly. Its basically like having micro glitter on your lips. I love this lipstick. However, I don't like how the glitter ends up all over my face when I wear it. I have pretty large lips...and I end up with glitter on my chin, glitter on my cheeks. I even ended up with glitter on my nose once when I wore this. But because it's so pretty I deal with it.

As can be seen in the picture above, it gives me a nice nude sheen to my lips. I have it lined with Wet n Wild Simma Down Now liner. By golly! The pink sparkles in this lipstick just make me so happy (even though it didn't show in the picture they are there). This lipstick is a re-promote, recently re-released in the MAC It's a Strike collection. It originally released, I believe, in the Fabulous Felines collection and I was so excited when I saw it was coming back. The color is still available on the MAC website but is limited edition. I wish MAC would bring back all the dazzle lipsticks, they were so glittery and perfect for topping. Liquid Lurex looks beautiful on top of magenta and purple lipsticks, give it a try. It is so versatile. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Review: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in "Boy"

Chanel "Boy" is supposed to be a cult favorite lipstick amongst lipstick aficionados and at first I couldn't understand why. It's sheer and smells florally. The only thing I initially thought this lipstick had going for it was the beautiful chic packaging. However, guys it's grown on me!

Okay, so color wise, Boy is a Rosy-Pinky-Nude. It's extremely sheer but it has some really pretty shimmer in it that just ups the ante. 

When looking at the color in the container, I was like blah blah...but then I wore it on my lips and throughout the day the color just grew into something gorgeous. As I wore it, it got pinker and pinker and I was like this some type of magic?!

It turns into the perfect my lips but better color. My lips are extremely pigmented and this color gives them a natural pink tone. Here I have it lightly lined with Jordana Coco Loco and I just love it. The staying power isn't great, which is to be expected and you have to reapply a lot (maybe every two hours and definitely after eating), but it is such a wearable and universal color. It gets an A in my book I just hate the price!! 

Monday, November 7, 2016

A Little MAC Cute-ster Dupe For Us Hello Kitty Fiends that Cant Let Go

Otay, for a show of hands how many of you love the MAC Hello Kitty Collection? How many of you were totally into makeup in like 08-09? And how many of you got your beloved Hello Kitty lipsticks and were in makeup heaven? Wow wonderful...well me...I can't raise my hand to any of those except the first! I was still in high school and only wearing lip gloss!!

Once I got into MAC I literally wanted to cry because everything from the Hello Kitty Collection had been discontinued and my only solace were the Youtube videos showing off everyone's purchases. Still, the one lipstick I never truly got over was Cute-ster, a sheer peachy-pink lustre finish lipstick with pink and gold shimmers. The color was so sheer that it looked like a gloss on many, the pink was really hard to see on deeper complected lips, and it truly just gave a nice juicy look. Let me see if I can find pictures...brb.

So it looks really dark in the release photo but in real life it actually looks more like this.

This pic came from Karen from Makeup & Beauty

These are Temptalia's lips by the way
So fast forward to now. I have been mixing lippies, adding glosses, doing all sorts of stuff but still not being all the way happy with the combos that I have been coming up with. As you can see from the pic above, Temptalia's lips look really neutral, with just a lighter tone and some shimmer. So, due to this I think I found a really close dupe. It isn't as pink as I would like it to be but I swear it's the closest I have come to duping Cute-ster!! It has the gold and pink shimmer and the neutral looking base! It's glossy and comfortable, the finish is perfect...I mean where has H&M been for the last nearly 10 years that I have been dying for this lipstick?!

The color...dun dun dun is H&M's Sheer Lipstick in Nostalgic Haze!! And you know how we sometimes don't wanna wear a lipstick and just wish that a lip color could come in lip gloss form. Well I think I found another little baby (also from H&M) that fulfills that request! It's called Papaya Pop and its gorgeous! For some reason my pics aren't showing the pink in these colors good enough. Especially the lip gloss, it is definitely more pink visually than the lipstick.

H&M Nostalgic Haze, not Nostalgia...excuse
my short attention span and inability to focus on detail
H&M Papaya Pop
H&M Nostalgic Haze
Left: Nostalgic Haze, Right Papaya Pop

What do you think? I had to swatch it on the inside of my hands so you can really see the pink tones and the glitter. I think the color is on point. And its cheap. The lipstick is $10 and the gloss is $7, much cheaper than MAC!! I am happy for now. The only thing that would be better is if Cute-ster were re-released! 

Friday, November 4, 2016

LOTD: Maybelline Power Peony

Alright, I took a couple of days off but wanted to return with a pretty lipstick from Maybelline, Power Peony. I don't even know how to describe her. She looks pink in the tube but on the lips has more of a lilac tone. Loving it!

For today's look, I lined and filled my lips in with NYX Suede Matte lip liner in Run the World. It is a light magenta purple with somewhat of a white undertone. Ha that sounds crazy but it looks pale pinky purple on my lips. Anywhoo the lipstick is really creamy so it can apply streaky and really needs to be built up on the lips to get a substantial amount of color. I don't happen to be a fan of wearing a bunch of thick lipstick so I of course opted for liner underneath. The liner changes the color of the lipstick a bit (not much). I think it makes it more wearable.

What do yo think? For some odd reason I am drawn to these types of colors. You know, not quite pink, not quite purple. I think they flatter brown skin nicely. I decided to wear my little bo peep hijab today too! Isn't it just the cutest? Alrighty that's it ladies. See ya!