Thursday, December 22, 2016

LOTD: Kat Von D Poe

Wanted to bring you a quick LOTD. So I must be in a blue mood, today is the third day in a row that I've worn blue lipstick and Kat Von D's Poe is one of my favorites. It's a purple tinged navy blue with multicolored shimmer. One thing that bothers me about the lipstick is that its not opaque on initial application. It has to be built up. But I love the matte texture and the shimmer just takes the color over the top.

I don't have much more to say about the color other than its fierce, dark, and gorgeous. It's not a color that you can wear everyday, but I wish I could. If you don't have it, and want a blue lipstick I would recommend it. However, the $21 price point is a bit much for a color that lacks opacity. 

Anywhoo that's it for today!! Enjoy all

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dupe or Nah: Melt DGAF and Kiss NY Sausalito

Hey guys, I'm back with another dupe or nah and I must say, I outdid myself with this one! I have a color that is super close to the discontinued and infamous Melt DGAF lipstick and its only $4.99 in your local beauty supply store!! The color is called Sausalito and it's from the Kiss NY Egoism Matte Velvet Lipstick line.

Both colors are royal blue, very matte, and extremely comfortable and long-wearing. Melt Cosmetics has one of the best matte lipstick formula's and I truly believe they are worth every single penny of the $19 dollars they retail for. However!!! Yes, there is a however, the Kiss NY Egoism formula is pretty comfortable also and it's much cheaper. I also think its a bit more longer wearing than the Melt formula. Unfortunately, I don't have my own tube of DGAF to truly compare it to Sausalito. But what I can say is that I own Space Cake and Blow lipsticks (also from Melt Cosmetics) and they wear pretty much the same. They last about 5-7 hours without needing to be touched up and I wanted to see if the Kiss lipstick could compare. Let me tell you...HONEY, I had this lipstick on from 11am to 7pm and it did not budge. It does transfer, but the color stays pigmented on the lips. I ate a Sofritas bowl from Chipotle and everything!!! Don't believe me? well let me show you the proof!!

Here it is! And peep the Chipotle in the background lol!

Here is Sausalito on my lips, remember I ate:

Look, I have seen swatches of DGAF on other women of color and I have to say that Sausalito is a dupe! And I am happy because I wanted DGAF badly. But it was always sold out and eventually Melt discontinued the color altogether. If you want a great alternative, visit your local beauty supply store, or google the brand and color and they should definitely have Sausalito available for sale online. This line of lipsticks allow you to indulge in colors that you may not normally wear or feel comfortable paying high-end prices for. When I was in the store, I saw a nice green, a black, grey, and a teal color! I am on a lipstick diet so I can't go back for more, but the colors are all matte and pretty! There is definitely something in the Egoism line for everybody. Enjoy guys till next time!

Thursday, December 15, 2016


Pink Friday resulted from a collaboration with Nicki Minaj and was sold for four or five friday's during November 2010 (I think...don't get me to lying). Anywhoo it was highly sought after and hard to get, but guess what ladies? I got it and I still have it! Now this lipstick was highly controversial when it released because it would sell out in seconds and resembled some other popular MAC lippies (cough cough, Snob, Pink Nouveau, Saint Germain). Also, some people were upset and even posted videos about how unwearable the color was...I personally didn't have a problem with the lipstick, I think it looks the prettiest on dark skin and I will show you guys that the color truly is dupeable. I know its like years later, but I wasn't blogging when I was younger, and I also know for a FACT, that some people are selling Pink Friday on eBay for like 80 plus dollars. Girl don't you dare do that, you will be upset, there are too many other popping pinks to pay so much for this one!

Pink Friday Lipstick with Nicka K Coffee Lip Liner
So here she is. Just a really basic, blue based, pastel pink lipstick. I am an nw47, pretty much chocolate, and think that it looks fine. I lined it with a basic brown liner and in the picture below I have it topped with MAC Pagoda Cremesheen Glass.

Now unto the comparisons. Pink Friday (which is in the very center of all the other colors), is nothing like Pink Nouveau. Pink Nouveau is much darker, has almost a hot pink base, and even seems a bit warmer in tone. The closest to Pink Friday is Saint Germain, but I think it might be a tinge deeper. On the lips, they look very similar, the only thing is that Saint Germain is an amplified, so it can look a little patchier on. But if you want the exact same color and texture as Pink Friday, mix Snob, and Saint Germain together...the color is almost identical!! Saint Germain is close enough though, if you don't want to go through all of that. Enjoy all. Talk to you later.

From left to right: Revlon Primrose, Mac Pervette, Mac Pink Nouveau, Mac Pink Friday, Mac Saint Germain, Mac Snob, and Rimmel Pink Blush

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Inglot LOTD and Product Review

Described as a thin and stylish gel lipstick with vitamin E, evening primrose, and avocado oil for extreme moisture on the inglot website, the slim gel lipsticks are supposed to combine a cream gel formula with long lasting shine and color. Well that was a mouthful! These lipsticks normally retail for $14.00, but I caught a 50% off sale on the inglot website, and only paid $7.00 for the product, which I preferred, as you only get 1.8 grams of lipstick.

Now, I cannot speak to my slim gel lipsticks longevity (because I am just trying them out today), but what I can speak for is its moisturizing formula and color payoff. This lipstick feels like a mixture between lipstick and gloss, has sheer to semi-opaque color coverage (just a few swipes provided me with the coverage I was aiming for) and is comfortable and non-sticky. These remind me a lot of the mac slimshines (which I loved but of course MAC discontinues everything) and is perfect for the winter time. My lips get really dry and crack. And so far (been wearing for about an hour), these lipsticks do appear to be moisturizing.

Although I purchased a few colors, the color I chose to wear today is #54. The slim gel lipsticks don't have names, which is okay for me, but when ordering online, I found it difficult to choose a color because there were no descriptions of the colors on the website. Although they had computerized swatches on the site, I couldn't gauge how accurate the swatches were and ultimately chose colors based on them being on sale and appearing dark enough for my skin tone. 

Here is what #54 looks like on me topped with MAC Sugarrimmed dazzleglass. I think the color is bomb for dark skin...I'm just saying. I want to describe this color as a rosy brown, but it also seems to have a bit of a peach tone to it. Like a nice, nude, warm, pinky brown. Lol I hope that color description is accurate.

This is what the color looks like in the tube and swatched on my ashy hand. Although the lipstick looks pink in the picture due to the flash, it looks more brown without flash. And on my lips, the brown, peachy tones definitely show more than the pink.

These are the other two items I purchased. I got another Slim Lip Gel in the color #42 and a Lip Paint in the color #65. These two retail for $14 but I got them for 50% off as well.

#42 is a medium orange coral and it is so pretty! Same texture and pigmentation as #54. I like these, and honestly have nothing negative to say about the product. I give the Inglot Slim Lip Gels a 4/5. My only harp is that Inglot didn't give their products names. 65 is a light, plum, almost nude (on me) color. This Lip Paint is even more moisturizing than the Lip Gels. It's basically a tinted lip conditioner, with really decent color payoff. I'll do a lip of the day with this baby soon! Overall, Inglot has excellent products and like the Lip Gels, I give the Lip Paint a 4/5.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Sephora Color Lip Last

I just want to start this post by saying, "Why have I never tried these lipsticks?!" The Sephora Collection lipsticks have thus far been some of the best lipsticks that I've used. From the Cream Lip Stains, to their Rouge Matte Lipsticks, I have had nothing but pleasant experiences with their lip products. But, for some odd reason (one that slips my mind), I never tried their color last lipsticks. And they are my type of product, long lasting, matte...I mean I either wear a very matte lip or a glossy lip (I really don't have an in between), and they come in three different finishes: matte, metallic, and shimmer. Moreover, they are touted to last 10 hours without the need for reapplication!

So anywho some how I found myself in the mall, (I swear I am like a sleep walker when it comes to makeup shopping, I get in my car, pick out items, and don't become conscious of my behavior until I am paying for items...psych I am totally lying) looking at a bunch of red lipsticks. Around this time of the year I kind of stick to nudes and reds. I first began at mac, swatched Ruby Woo, which I have had multiple times. I swatched a new permanent color called Red Rock, and I swatched Brave Red. None of them gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling so I headed down to Sephora and went directly to their products. I have a rule to always start at Sephora brand because they are more affordable than any other brand in the store. Only after I look through their products am I allowed to branch off into other brands. Also, because I love a matte red lip, I thought the Color Lip Lasts would be worth a try. AND THEY WERE ONLY $14!!!

The colors I settled on are called Wanted Red, Orange Rocks, and Pure Red. I also purchased a liner for $6 called Deep Ruby that I am going to use to line them. It is also pretty cute.

Sephora Wanted Red
Wanted Red is described as a Dark Red and has a super matte finish! I mean it's as matte as Ruby Woo type matte, once set.

Sephora Pure Red
Pure Red is just described as a red. I find that this lipstick is a bright, blue-based red with some slight warmth to its tone. It is bright and also very matte which I love!

Sephora Orange Rocks

Orange Rocks is described as an orange red. In the tube it definitely looks more red but on my lips it looks very orange. It is one of the most wearable oranges that I have tried. Literally every time I've attempted to wear orange lipstick it has been a fail. I end up looking like Jamie Foxx as exaggeration.

HAHA!! So here are the swatches on my arm. I can't even pick a favorite. All three are beautiful. What I like the most about these lipsticks is that they apply so creamy! When initially putting these on it's hard to believe that they could even be categorized as mattes, but baby when I tell you these set...they set and do not budge. I had to use jojoba oil and scrub the heck out of my arms to get them off. This is why I haven't provided lip swatches because once you put these on you better be planning to wear them for the long haul, they do not come off unless you want them off!

Sephora gets a thumbs up from me! These are the bomb and the liner matches perfectly!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Yesterday's LOTD (because I fell asleep before blogging): Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Motorhead 

Motorhead is a deep, blackened cherry with a matte finish. Many people claim to have issues with the formula of the Studded Kiss Lipsticks but I love them! Motorhead is very, very matte. And I find that I'm okay with both application and wear, if I put a thin layer of lip balm underneath it. It lasts all day without having to touch up (yesterday I had it on from 1-10:15 and it only faded a bit in the middle) and is very comfortable for a matte. This lipstick reminds me a lot of Mac Talk That Talk from the Rihanna collection (but better wear and quality) and can deepen in intensity depending upon how many layers you put on.

OOOH I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK! Vampy colors hold a special place in my heart because they make me feel dangerous and edgy!  And a matte vampy lip is even freaking better. Seriously, every time I wear this color I feel the need to put on a biker jacket or some type of leather. You can definitely see how deep this color is in the photo above without flash. It's perfect.

Here is a full face with the lip. I used flash so the color looks a lot lighter than it actually is but do you see the attitude?! I apparently thought I was hot stuff! and P.S. how edgy is the packaging? Anywhoo enjoy guys, till later! Mwahs.