Monday, January 30, 2017

LOTD: Mac Show And Teal

Darn it MAC, you got me again! 

Last week, MAC released a 20 some odd color, limited edition lipstick collection. The collection offers some truly unique, bright and unusual colors. So, when I saw them in person, I had to get at least one.

I settled on the lipstick: Show And Teal. It's exactly as it's namesake describes: a beautiful, bold teal.

Isn't it just a cutie? I lined my lips with Estee Edit The Storm lipstick, a dark teal. Hmmm it actually doesn't look too cray cray. Although I'm attracted to the strange and unusual it doesn't always translate well on me.  But this color is really pretty and more wearable than one would think. Did I mention that the formula is really comfortable? MAC does something special with their matte formula because their matte lipsticks are always nice and creamy, yet long lasting. 

I'm as happy as a lark (as my mom would say). Are you guys going to shop from this limited edition collection? I saw a bunch of greens, some cool browns, and even a few grays. They literally have something for everybody with this collection. Alrighty then girls, I am off to school so I will have to talk to you later. Have a good one!

Friday, January 27, 2017

My Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick Collection

I'm back like I never ever left with more liquid lippies! I know people get kinda iffy and peeved when it comes to Lime Crime but I actually like their liquid lipstick. Some of mine are a bit sticky (I may have had them too long) but other than that I can't complain because they're one of the best formula's I've tried. I have 4 colors as of today, and when these are done I will definitely be getting more.

This is what they look like, the 4 colors I have are Pumpkin, Shroom, Trouble & Utopia.


Pumpkin is a brick orange. Its probably flattering on all skin tones. I usually pair it with Jordana Coco Loco lip liner. This color always gets me complemented.

Shroom is a yellow brown. Gorgeous on dark skin, but may be a little too yellow based for pale skin tones. Honestly, on me it looks like caramel and I love to line it with Mac Chestnut. This is probably my favorite of the ones I have.

Trouble is a straight up olive green. I should wear it more often because despite it being poopy green, it somehow works. Pretty freaking bomb...

Lastly, we have Utopia. Unfortunately its discontinued. A nice pinky purple, its the perfect tone of pink for me.

Okay ladies! It's late so I wont make this post too long. TTYL!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

LOTD: Sugarpill Kimchi

QUICK DISCLAIMER: SUGARPILL COSMETICS LIQUID LIPSTICKS ARE ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Lol now that we've got that out the way, let me tell you a little bit about this baby. It's lavender, pale, smells like donuts (ever so slightly), and has subtle, aqua blue sparkles! Oh and did I mention it was long lasting and super comfy. I normally forget that I'm even wearing it!

Welp, my powder is a bit unblended...thanks alot flash photography, but look at how pretty the color is. I totally can't wear it alone because it is super pale, but I normally line it with Coloured Raine Rockstar liquid lipstick. When I tell you this color is a must have for people who love unique makeup and really is. Go get it girls! The sparkles get more sparkly as you wear it, and it looks magical! I'm running a bit off course so I must be going but I will def see you next time. Good day all!


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks

Hey girl hey! I'm back with another liquid lipstick post and I am so excited! Today we will be focusing on three of the new Mac Retro Matte Liquid lipsticks in the colors: Uniformly Fabulous (A Blackened Grape), Ess-Presso (A Deepened Chocolate Brown), and Young Attitude (A Blackened Teal). Now I haven't tried all of the colors, but what I will say is based upon the swatches I did in store, they are all really nice and pigmented. I also think that MAC redid their formula because the couple that I have feel more comfortable than what they did last year when I bought the colors High Drama and Dance With Me. Not only is the formula different but the lipsticks also went up in price from $20 to $21 (Arggh at MAC).

Now lets get to the swatches. Excuse my non made up face but left to right: Ess-pressoUniformly Fabulous and Young Attitude.

These were all one layer. I am impressed! Not only are they extremely opaque, they're really comfortable! I can't speak to their longevity but I have had Uniformly Fabulous on for almost two hours and it's still pretty comfy. These colors are giving me 90's vibes! And I'm a 90's baby so they are right up my alley. Okay Mac, I totally think these are a hit. If I were to compare these to the Kat Von D Everlasting Lipsticks, I would venture to say that these are more comfortable. The colors that I have are definitely less patchy so yeah...I LIKE THEM...ALOT. Going to give these a 7.5 out of 10.

I believe these are permanent and still available online. Check them out, I'm sure you'll love them. Till next time guys! See ya.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Swatches and Review

Hey guys how are ya? Fine? Me too! WELL... I'm back with a new post!! So look, I have long been a user of liquid lipstick...however, I recently became really disillusioned with them. To be honest I was walking around with crusty lips (thank you Colorpop) and I needed a break from the overwhelmingly persistent releases that some of my favorite brands were subjecting us with. Though, I am happy to say that my Sugarpill Trinket liquid lipstick has brought me back into the light. Ever since I purchased it, I have been reincorporating my liquid lipsticks! And today, I will be focusing on my Kat Von D liquid lippies.

I have Bauhau5 (a berry hot pink), Damned (a deep burgundy), A-Go-Go (a beautiful bright orange), Outlaw (a blue based red), Ayesha (a pastel blue purple), Vampira (an oxblood red), L.U.V. (a violet magenta purple), and Beloved (a bright coral, this one is the most difficult to work with because of the white in the color it can be patchy). Kat Von D's brand is probably one of the first liquid lipstick brands I tried (got them from Marshalls in the foiled love packaging), they have decent color pay off, are comfy compared to some other brands, and have a really great selection of colors that range from classic colors to bold colors.

Here are what they look like swatched:

The fact that my lips are not aching after this is a testament to how nicely formulated these are. They last super long too! I probably didn't mention that before. I have had many of these on for over 7 hours before they start to look a hot mess. But that tis all for today guys, till next time! Salams (peace)!