Thursday, April 20, 2017

Take it Back Tuesday (TBT) Makeup Edition and Mac Future Forward Collection (With a Lil Bonus Blush)

Quick post because I am tireurrd!!! I am so tired that I didn't even have enough energy to put my watermark on all my pictures. I probably should have waited till tomorrow to do this post but I have to work so tonight is probably my best bet if I wanna get it done. Anywho lol I thought it would be cute to do a little TBT, makeup edition of course. But first let me show y'all this Justine Skye Iridescent Powder from the Future Forward Collection (pretty purple with pink glitters) and my favorite MAC Blush in Burnt Pepper (I don't even know how to describe it) but they're both super cute!

Now do ya'll remember these?


Far left is the Hello Kitty Collection, middle is the Sugar Sweet Collection and far right is the Venomous Villains Collection. Being the Mac addict that I am lol I have to say that I feel extremely lucky to have lipsticks from all three of these collections! From Left to Right: Mac Cutester (I finally have it! Unfortunately it melted a bit in the mailbox so I have to apply it with a lip brush or risk it breaking), a Blinged out Mac Lollipop Loving (I bedazzled it myself by the way but no worries I have a full backup without bling), Mac Sweet Thing (a gorgeous magenta) and Mac INNOCENCE BEWARE (I am so friggin happy to have this lipstick. It's the perfect pale pink nude and I even got a backup thanks to Poshmark!). 


I finally feel like I have every Mac lipstick that I could possibly want and will be officially starting a project pan today! No more lipsticks until I can back to mac. Anywhoo here's the swatches. Again I am sleepy and forgot to swatch Sweet thing (this whole post is a disaster) so it's in a pic of it's own...Oh and I also included a dupe for Cutester. It's Nostalgia Haze by H&M. They are really similar. The only difference is that Cutester is more pink.

Okay, I got's to go to bed. Enjoy your night dolls!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Little CCO Haul

I'm going to keep this short but out of boredom (idle time is the devil's workshop) I drove to the CCO and found some pretty awesome stuff! I even made a little video of my haulage. So feel free to check that out and look at the pictures of my goodies as well! I had so much fun with this haul. The CCO is one of my favorite places to shop for makeup because everything is discounted.

Mac Pro Blush in Devil...not a big fan of the name but love the color

Mac Trillion Dollar Look Quad. This released in 2014. 

Lisa's Spikes (Lime green Frost), and Apple Squishee (Mid-tone Kelly Green Frost) 
2 Dozen and One Greyhounds (Dirty Olive Green Veluxe Pearl), Chalkboard Dreams (Deep Blackened Teal Velvet)

Heatherette She's Bad Lashes...I think these are made of plastic or Nylon. They look like patent leather to be honest. These released in 2008.

Mac Starlett Scarlet Lipstick


Starlett Scarlet
Top to bottom: Mac Pro Blush in Devil, Chalkboard Dreams, 2 Dozen and One Greyhounds,
Apple Squishee, and Lisa's Spikes

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring Makeup Picks

Oooh pretty birdies!

Spring is in full effect and when spring comes, I tend to do a full on switcharoo with my makeup! I go from deep browns and burgundy's to pastels and brights. So I thought, why not share my favorite spring makeup picks with you guys?!

Now I'm not a huge face makeup kinda girl. I will pop on some concealer, some powder, a statement lip and run. Since I have chronic dry eye I tend to stay away from eyeliner and mascara and every now and then I might wear some eyeshadow. But for some reason, I've been really into blush. And along with my favorite lippies, I wanna show you some go to products that are just perfect for spring.

So first up are lips and we'll start with my most favorite: Nudes

From top to bottom: Mac Blankety, Mac Fleshpot, Revlon Nude Attitude,
Wet n Wild Pink Suga, and Mac Myth

So I tend to like very milky nudes during spring. And I know you're probably saying "girl you got that chocolate skin and you out here in these pale behind nudes?" Well...yes I am. A little bit of brown liner and a gloss will come through and let me tell you these colors look so pretty when done right. Blankety is the perfect pinky nude. Nude Attitude is a great dupe for Mac limited edition lipstick in Playing Koi, Pink Suga is the prettiest pinky peach color and it kinda reminds me of Mac Riot House and Myth is just a classic that everyone of every shade should have in their collection. It can be worn on its own, used to lighten other colors and the peach tint that it has makes it very wearable.

Next Up: Pastel Purples

From top to bottom: Maybelline Lilac Flush, Mac Asian Flower (discontinued),
and Mac Lavender Jade

I love me a pastel purple, lilac, lavender lip! These types of colors are perfectly girly and super wearable. Unfortunately Asian Flower is discontinued but good dupes are Mac Up the Amp and Revlon Berry Haute. Lilac Flush is a permanent Maybelline product and it looks really close to Lavender Jade which is more Matte and pigmented.

Last but not least we have: Pinks

From top to bottom: Rimmel Pink Blush, Mac Candy Yum Yum, Mac Lollipop Loving (limited edition)
Mac Pink Friday (limited edition) and Mac Dance Off Pants Off (limited edition)
Okay, so I know I have a few limited edition lipsticks in this category, but have no fear, they have some pretty close dupes. So one of my favorite pinks ever is Rimmel Pink Blush. It has a great texture, its not too cool, and it gives just the right amount of pastel payoff. Candy Yum Yum is in a league of its own. It's one of the most wearable and brightest lipsticks I ever tried and I will purchase it and wear it for as long as Mac sells it. Its straight up neon but the blue undertone makes it doable with or without liner. Lollipop Loving is a coral pink with green duo chrome, very unique but very wearable. Although it was limited edition, Wet n Wild Sunset Peach is a pretty good alternative for the color. Pink friday is a blue based pink that is probably the least wearable of all the pinks posted. I like it because it looks amazing with gloss on top, but believe me, you will not be able to find it so a good alternative is Mac Saint Germain. Saint Germain is a tad bit lighter and less blue based but they're really close. And Dance Off Pants Off is the most perfect frosty pink. A dead on dupe would be Mac Show Orchid from the permanent line. 

OHHH and almost forgot my go to spring glosses

From left to right: Mac Fulfilled, Buxom Hot Toddy, Mac Pagoda, Mac Viva Glam Nicki 2 (limited edition), Mac Chai (limited edition), Loreal Barely Nude, and Maybelline 02

I didn't do swatches because most of these are really sticky but their pretty self-explanatory. Fulfilled is a plush glass so its plumping but not at all uncomfortable. It has a sheer orange tone and looks perfect on top of Pink Suga, Myth, and Nude Attitude. Hot Toddy is a great dupe for an older Mac lipglass called Bubble Tea, Barely Nude is very similar to Hot Toddy and also a dupe for Bubble Tea. Chai is like a pale nude with silver shimmer (mad cute and currently still available), and the rest are just popping toppers for the pinks and purples. I'm sorry that I don't have alternatives to the limited edition Mac glosses but I'm sure you can find something similar in the Buxom line or even in Sephora's lipgloss line. 

Okeday that was a mouthful, now lets get into my picks for spring friendly blushes

Black Radiance Rich Peach
I just wanna add a disclaimer for this Black Radiance Blush, umm cannot go heavy on this blush because it will make you look like a baby prostitute. It has very red undertones, is extremely pigmented and stains like a mother. For 5 dollars this is one of the best drugstore blushes that I have ever tried, but be careful with this one, especially my pale sisters.

Becca Nightingale
Nightingale is a purply wine color and it looks beautiful on all skin types. I like to wear it with my purple lippies just to give some warmth and color to my cheeks. This little baby ran me for about 35 dollars though so just keep that in mind (I'm so cheap).

Essence Heat Wave
Now this one is super powdery and I have to apply it in patting motions. Still, I love the way it looks mixed. It is on the light side though so us darker skin ladies have to be careful to not look ashy in this one. I tend to use more of the coral color when applying this one because the orange is too light.

Physicians Formula Bronze Pearl

Physicians Formula Rose Pearl
The physician formula colors are very shimmery and I like to use them as cheek highlighter. The bronze is beautiful when mixed and gives me champagne, almost toasty vibes. The pink is just super girly and everyday. Although I find Physicians Formula to be expensive for the drugstore, if you can find a color that works for your skin (they don't really have much for dark skin) you will love the quality of their products. 

Here are the swatches
From top to bottom: Black Radiance Rich Peach, Becca Nightingale, Essence Heatwave,
Physicians Formula Bronze Pearl, and Physicians Formula Rose Pearl
Whew, this was a long one, but I have been away for some time and wanted to go big or go home! Will you guys try some of these picks? You definitely should.