Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Walgreens Wonder Woman Collection Haul and a Face and Nail of the Day (Pic Heavy)

On the eve of the DC Wonder Woman movie, I found myself feeling slightly peeved. A new Wonder Woman movie of epic proportions is releasing and I haven't heard a peep in the makeup world about a Wonder Woman makeup collection.

That's what I thought until I walked into Walgreens this morning and saw some Wonder Woman products from Markwins! I'm so appreciative. Although I would have preferred something a little more fancy/high end, at least Markwins thought about us!

YAAAASSSSS! Let me compose myself. Exclusive to Walgreens, Markwins is the brand that makes Wet n Wild, and although the packaging of the products are a little flimsy, they're still cute.

While shopping, "I thought man I'm just going to wear this stuff once for the movie and then its going to collect dust," but when I got home and tried the products that I bought out, I changed my mind. TEASER, THERE IS AN ACTUAL MAC WONDER WOMAN COLLECTION DUPE IN HERE!!!

The collection had lip glosses, lipsticks, brushes, and a lip balm. For lipstick, I skipped the red because I own a ton and got the purple in Heroine and the Nude in Modern Age. For lip gloss, I got Athena's kiss which is like a nude coral, and Mighty Aphrodite, a sheer red purple. Orly did red, white, and blue nail polish along with the nail stickers you see above. Instead of the blue Orly polish, I bought a cheaper alternative in the color, Endless Blue by Sinful Colors.

Top to Bottom: Mighty Aphrodite, Athena's Kiss
Left to Right: Modern Age, Heroine
So lets fast forward, I'm at home trying on the products and think hmm. This purple lipstick looks familiar. And then all sorts of ideas started flooding into my mind. Mac did a Wonder Woman collection in 2011 and it was the bomb. Everything was jumbo! Straight glamazonian style packaging...

I of course missed out because I had no idea it was releasing (I was not at all makeup savvy). There was a purple lipstick released in the collection called Spitfire, and the lipstick in Heroine is a great dupe for it.

I also found that a lot of the names from this collection are repeats from Mac's collection (Heroine, Athena's Kiss), so its all so very nostalgic for me as a Mac lover.

So, remember I was telling you how all types of idea's began to run through my head as I started to swatch these products? I thought "hmm it would be a great idea to do a Wonder Woman makeup look!  I searched google and found this face chart:

Now, I am no makeup artist, so this was purely for fun, but here's my take on Deep Truth.


1: Start of with fresh face
2: Apply foundation of choice
3: Even skin tone
4. Do brows (I know mine are a mess, I am Muslim and we do not, I repeat, we do not wax or cut our brows)
5 and 6 are inverted, my bad: first apply teal liner, then apply any blue shadow. I used Maybelline Expert Wear Electric Blue Palette.
7. Apply shimmery blue shadow. I used Trendy from my Tartiest Pro Palette. Its like a duochrome greenish, blue, brown.
8. Put a deeper blue in crease and blend, blend, blend. Blend like your life depends on it.
9. Line the top lid with black liquid liner, then put teal liner and deep blue crease color on bottom eye line.
10. Place any peachy blush on the contours of your cheeks and apples.
11. Lastly, highlight your under eye with a lighter skin tone color. I used my Baja Bronze Palette from Measurable Difference for both blush and highlight.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NAIL LOOK & FOTD: No Makeup Makeup

After doing my makeup and putting pink on from head to toe, I decided that I needed to complete my look with some nail polish! Isn't that neat? Not only am I doing a FOTD today, I'ma give you two for your money and give you a nail post too (because my makeup is basic AF and I needed to make this post interesting).

Anywho, I really wanted to do something girly and blue and I didn't feel like going to the nail salon. So I used the shade Gloomy from LA Colors. For a cheap polish, this sucker dried quickly and applied evenly. Below I'm only wearing 2 coats!

I am a big fan of wearing minimal makeup. My skin is extremely sensitive and prone to breakouts so I rarely wear foundation and when I do its always marketed for acne prone skin. I avoid anything with comedogenic ingredients. If you are acne-prone and in the dark about what to avoid check out the site It has a search that allows you to copy and paste the ingredients of online products to check whether it can break you out. It's awesome and very helpful. Like most days, I didn't feel like putting on base makeup and decided to just do liner, mascara, blush, and lipstick. Here is how it came out. Loving my selfie game...I call this one awkward chic HAHA.

I used NYC Color Proof 24 Hour Waterproof Eyeliner on my top lid. I usually flick my liner but didnt feel like it today. I'm so lazy. Then I applied mascara. I put my Silk Natural's blush in Babydoll on the apples of my cheeks. It's the cutest sheer pink with light shimmer. After, I lined my lips with Mac Chestnut lip liner and filled my lips in with Mac Freckletone. I topped that off with NYX lipgloss in Spongecake.

Monday, May 29, 2017

LOTD: Liquid Lurex

Today's Lip of the Day is the oh so gorgeous but limited edition Liquid Lurex. It's a dazzle finish lippie which is rare in and of itself and I really like it. How can I describe it? It looks nude on my lips but its like a weird green gold with pink and champagne sparkles.

Cute huh? I lined it with Mac Nightmonth and topped it with a little clear gloss. It's perfect in my opinion. Talk to you later guys!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dupe or Nah!! Mac Hello Kitty Straying Lipstick Vs. Rimmel London Kiss Lipstick

Haven't done a dupe post in a minute but I was in K-Mart today and saw this Rimmel lipstick in Kiss. I thought it looked eerily familiar. It definitely reminded me of Strayin lipstick, so I bought it just to do this post.

Left to Right: Mac Strayin, Rimmel Kiss
Top to Bottom: Mac Strayin, Rimmel Kiss
Although these two are both shimmery midtone pinks, Rimmel is a little deeper. So I have to say NAH these are not dupes! However, if you liked the color of Strayin, which is no longer available, Kiss is a nice alternative.

Here are the colors on my lips:

Mac Straying
Rimmel Kiss

Monday, May 22, 2017


I got the goods. My most favorite person called me and said, hey I wanna buy you something...lets drive to the mall. This was the end result! Modest, I know...but I, my dear, am pleased with everything I got.

  1. Sweet as Cocoa Blush
  2. Sweaty Betty Mascara (Mac Work it Out Collection Limited Edition)
  3. Si Si Me (Mac Fruity Juicy Collection Limited Edition)
  4. 2 Lippies from the permanent line.

Sweet As Cocoa Blush is a shimmery brown. I think its so nice for summer.

Sweaty betty is basically a teal mascara. I loved the formula of Heart Rate's Rising so much that I decided to purchase another mascara before it sold out.

Ooh, pretty packaging.

Si si me is pretty berry purple. Some people have compared it to Rebel lipstick but I don't think it has enough red in it to be a rebel dupe. On me it looks magenta. Reminds me of Petals and Peacocks or Daddy's Little Girls from the Archie's Girls Collection. It may be a wee bit deeper and more purple as I find the others to be more pink.

O is a magnificent color. It looks brown but it also has a plum, bronze duochrome to it. If I line it with brown liner it looks brown and if I line it with a burgundy it looks more plum. Gorgeous for summer. It is a total dupe for Mac Funbathing which was limited edition, as well as Oh Oh Oh from the limited edition Archie's Girls Collection.

Fresh Moroccan is a warm red with gold and copper shimmer. It's a dupe for Mac Sci-Fi Delity and another gorgeous color for summer. I can't wait to rock these with sweet as cocoa.

Friday, May 19, 2017

LOTD: Some Golden Corally Goodness!

I don't know about you guys, but when summer hits, I want to be bronzed BABY. I want to look like a Black Wonder Woman! So I bring out the bronzing powder, some warm highlight and shimmery golden lip colors. Because you know, if Wonder Woman had a makeup look, it definitely would have some bronzer all up and through there. Matter of fact, I think both MAC and WET N WILD put a bronzer in their Wonder Woman collections! But anywhoo I'm off topic lol, today's post is a lip of the day and its coral, orange, and gold all in one...which is why I began to talk about Wonder Woman but got lost in the sauce because I love her so much and cannot wait for the Wonder Woman movie that is about to come out. I pray they do it justice!

Oops got lost again but here's my combo:

  • MAC Beet Lip Liner
  • RIRI Hearts MAC lipstick in Who's That Chick ( A permanent dupe could be MAC meltdown)
  • NYC Soho Peach (My go to summer lip gloss)
  • MAC Lip glass in Yellow Jacket

And here is what it looks like:

I first lightly fill my lips in with Beet lip liner. Then I put the Who's That Chick on top and the two lip glosses. It gives me such a pretty lip color. Excuse my wrinkled hijab! Loving the whole look. Next time, I'll go heavier on the bronzer lol. Till next time ladies! See ya!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hard Candy Blush Crush Baked Blush "Honeymoon"

Okay, first impression: this powder is bomb and I'm never paying highend prices for highlighting powder ever again; so long as this exists. I dare to say it's better than my physician's formula glow mineral highlighter thingamajig and half the price. I'm kinda stuck with physicians formula's ashy behind products because my skin is sensitive. (Sidenote: Everyone and their mama knows that physicians formula products are not woc friendly). Needless to say "Bye Physicians Formula, I will not be looking ashy in your highlighter anymore." Lol tis all!

But all jokes aside, I really like this! It's been out for years and I've never noticed it while walking down the aisle at Wal-Mart. Beat's me as to why, it was literally calling out to me today. It screamed "NEAD BUY ME IM PURTY" and she was right.  She's really pretty. And if she doesn't irritate my skin she may just become HG (aka Holy Grail).

I guess because Honeymoon is baked and full of silicones she's really smooth. Not chunky at all. She really reminds me of the MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes that came out in the Sugarsweet Collection. They had some awesome veining in them as well and if I'm not mistaken one of them had some purple veining in it just like honeymoon.

It looks so natural on my skin. Now you can't see the peachy undertone, but I didn't expect to because its a pretty sheer blush. Also I'm chocolate, lol pretty self explanatory. But its not ashy right?! And that is all I can ask for. I haven't been wearing foundation and its still popping without a base. *Heartyface emoji* I'm in love. This is truly a drugstore gem!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Silk Naturals Haul!

I am so happy to have received my order from Silk Naturals. If you haven't heard of Silk Naturals, it is a natural makeup company that offers healthy alternatives to popular makeup shades. I became aware of their company after searching for a Mac Bare Slimshine dupe and was pleasantly surprised to find such affordable products. Like seriously, they had mineral makeup for as little as 5 dollars!! 

I settled on 3 blushes, and 2 lip products, one of which is the Slimshine dupe in the shade Maiden. They gave me the choice to choose a free eyeshadow, so I chose a very pigmented, matte yellow called Canary. They also threw in a beautiful silver in the shade Sudden! I must say, the products were smaller than what I imagined but they contain a good amount. 10 grams to be specific. And everything is so pigmented. I know that the blushes say that they are sheer but honey...they are not sheer in the least.

First up is the eyeshadow. They come with a sifter inside and they look like loose pigments.

Top to Bottom: Sudden, Canary

Next are the blushes. I hope I'm not being dramatic but I LOVE THEM. AND I CANNOT WAIT TO  PUT THEM ON MY FACE!! Babydoll is supposed to be a MAC Dollymix dupe and I think its pretty spot on. It's described as a hot pink shimmer and it looks like a baby pink on my complexion. Palace is described as a deep peach shimmer. It's vegan, orangey and super pretty, and it is a dead on dupe for Nars Taj Mahal. Lastly, Tart is a bright pink matte blush that is really gorgeous. I am so happy and if my skin fares well with everything, they will continue to get my business!!

Left to Right: Sudden, Canary, Babydoll, Palace, and Tart (DO YOU SEE THAT PIGMENT?

Okay. Now last but not least are the lip products!! I tried their Amplifying Lip Glaze formula and their Kisser Slicker formula. Although the Kisser Slickers are marketed as lip glosses they look and feel like moisturizing lipsticks. Maiden is the perfect nude. It's pigmented, its not sticky and its very moisturizing. Soulmate on the other hand has a slight minty tingle, is shimmery and also super moisturizing. It's a peach with gold shimmer and again, I really like it. I like everything!! Yassssssss!!

A Heart Rate Rising FOTD

Good day! I've been limiting my face makeup lately and really trying to improve my skincare. So if im a little glowy (aka shiny) its because my facial oil is popping.

But I wanted to show you guys what Heart Rate's Rising looks like on my lashes. What better way to do that than a face of the day! I paired Heart Rate's Rising with Mac Breezy Sheertone Blush and Candy Yum Yum lipstick. I really like the Extra Dimension formula. I find it lengthens and provides a small amount of body. The red color makes it that much better. My lashes were literally knocking against my glasses today.

Even though I feel like I needed a little concealer I like how everything came out. Candy yum yum will always be my favorite pink!

Monday, May 8, 2017

MAC Work it Out Sale

Hey y'all. Quick post. Mac is having a sale on it's Work it Out collection so I popped in to Macy's to buy a mascara. Of course when I got there I got sucked into a lipstick and becuase I had some stuff to Back 2 Mac I ended up with two lipsticks.

Now the mascara is RED. Lol yes...I said red. It's called Heart Rate's Rising and its really different. I could literally imagine myself popping this mascara on and going to the gym, all the while batting my lashes while working out. I wanted to pick something up from this collection when it first came out, but I could not see myself paying 20 plus bucks for an odd mascara that'll only last 2-3 months tops. So, I poked my lip out and tucked my debit card away (where it should stay indefinitely). However, I got an email telling me that this collection was on sale, so I took full advantage. I was good and only got one, but they had so many different colors. A teal, a cobalt blue, a grey, a brown, a white. You name it, they had it. I believe this mascara was on sale for $11.70.

I also got the lipstick in shade Testosterone. It was on sale for $10.70 I believe. The Mac girl put it on me in the store with Chicory lip liner and although I didn't quite like the combo for my complexion, when I wiped it off and put it on alone it was nice. You know...sometimes I think mac employees insist on putting things on you to be shady, she knew darn well chicory was too light for these bubblegum poppers. Anywho, these products are limited edition and I think that this color is unlike any lipstick that I currently have. It's light weight (lustre finish), sort of corally pinky red, and it also has gold shimmer. I like it and could see it pairing well at the gym with Heart Rate's Rising.

For my back to mac, I picked up a color called Love & Cherished. It's one of Mac's newer colors and it reminded me of Quite Cute lipstick from way back yonder. It has a cremesheen finish, so it's kind of sheer and shiny,  and needs to be built up to get opaque color, but I likes it.

I'm going to put these babies to use ASAP. Tomorrow I have orientation for a new externship that I am starting in June and I am going to try to get away with wearing Love & Cherished. Not the most work appropriate, but if they let me get away with it then I will definitely be wearing it. Alright, I need to go to bed so ttyl!