Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Silk Naturals Haul!

I am so happy to have received my order from Silk Naturals. If you haven't heard of Silk Naturals, it is a natural makeup company that offers healthy alternatives to popular makeup shades. I became aware of their company after searching for a Mac Bare Slimshine dupe and was pleasantly surprised to find such affordable products. Like seriously, they had mineral makeup for as little as 5 dollars!! 

I settled on 3 blushes, and 2 lip products, one of which is the Slimshine dupe in the shade Maiden. They gave me the choice to choose a free eyeshadow, so I chose a very pigmented, matte yellow called Canary. They also threw in a beautiful silver in the shade Sudden! I must say, the products were smaller than what I imagined but they contain a good amount. 10 grams to be specific. And everything is so pigmented. I know that the blushes say that they are sheer but honey...they are not sheer in the least.

First up is the eyeshadow. They come with a sifter inside and they look like loose pigments.

Top to Bottom: Sudden, Canary

Next are the blushes. I hope I'm not being dramatic but I LOVE THEM. AND I CANNOT WAIT TO  PUT THEM ON MY FACE!! Babydoll is supposed to be a MAC Dollymix dupe and I think its pretty spot on. It's described as a hot pink shimmer and it looks like a baby pink on my complexion. Palace is described as a deep peach shimmer. It's vegan, orangey and super pretty, and it is a dead on dupe for Nars Taj Mahal. Lastly, Tart is a bright pink matte blush that is really gorgeous. I am so happy and if my skin fares well with everything, they will continue to get my business!!

Left to Right: Sudden, Canary, Babydoll, Palace, and Tart (DO YOU SEE THAT PIGMENT?

Okay. Now last but not least are the lip products!! I tried their Amplifying Lip Glaze formula and their Kisser Slicker formula. Although the Kisser Slickers are marketed as lip glosses they look and feel like moisturizing lipsticks. Maiden is the perfect nude. It's pigmented, its not sticky and its very moisturizing. Soulmate on the other hand has a slight minty tingle, is shimmery and also super moisturizing. It's a peach with gold shimmer and again, I really like it. I like everything!! Yassssssss!!