Friday, May 19, 2017

LOTD: Some Golden Corally Goodness!

I don't know about you guys, but when summer hits, I want to be bronzed BABY. I want to look like a Black Wonder Woman! So I bring out the bronzing powder, some warm highlight and shimmery golden lip colors. Because you know, if Wonder Woman had a makeup look, it definitely would have some bronzer all up and through there. Matter of fact, I think both MAC and WET N WILD put a bronzer in their Wonder Woman collections! But anywhoo I'm off topic lol, today's post is a lip of the day and its coral, orange, and gold all in one...which is why I began to talk about Wonder Woman but got lost in the sauce because I love her so much and cannot wait for the Wonder Woman movie that is about to come out. I pray they do it justice!

Oops got lost again but here's my combo:

  • MAC Beet Lip Liner
  • RIRI Hearts MAC lipstick in Who's That Chick ( A permanent dupe could be MAC meltdown)
  • NYC Soho Peach (My go to summer lip gloss)
  • MAC Lip glass in Yellow Jacket

And here is what it looks like:

I first lightly fill my lips in with Beet lip liner. Then I put the Who's That Chick on top and the two lip glosses. It gives me such a pretty lip color. Excuse my wrinkled hijab! Loving the whole look. Next time, I'll go heavier on the bronzer lol. Till next time ladies! See ya!