Monday, May 8, 2017

MAC Work it Out Sale

Hey y'all. Quick post. Mac is having a sale on it's Work it Out collection so I popped in to Macy's to buy a mascara. Of course when I got there I got sucked into a lipstick and becuase I had some stuff to Back 2 Mac I ended up with two lipsticks.

Now the mascara is RED. Lol yes...I said red. It's called Heart Rate's Rising and its really different. I could literally imagine myself popping this mascara on and going to the gym, all the while batting my lashes while working out. I wanted to pick something up from this collection when it first came out, but I could not see myself paying 20 plus bucks for an odd mascara that'll only last 2-3 months tops. So, I poked my lip out and tucked my debit card away (where it should stay indefinitely). However, I got an email telling me that this collection was on sale, so I took full advantage. I was good and only got one, but they had so many different colors. A teal, a cobalt blue, a grey, a brown, a white. You name it, they had it. I believe this mascara was on sale for $11.70.

I also got the lipstick in shade Testosterone. It was on sale for $10.70 I believe. The Mac girl put it on me in the store with Chicory lip liner and although I didn't quite like the combo for my complexion, when I wiped it off and put it on alone it was nice. You know...sometimes I think mac employees insist on putting things on you to be shady, she knew darn well chicory was too light for these bubblegum poppers. Anywho, these products are limited edition and I think that this color is unlike any lipstick that I currently have. It's light weight (lustre finish), sort of corally pinky red, and it also has gold shimmer. I like it and could see it pairing well at the gym with Heart Rate's Rising.

For my back to mac, I picked up a color called Love & Cherished. It's one of Mac's newer colors and it reminded me of Quite Cute lipstick from way back yonder. It has a cremesheen finish, so it's kind of sheer and shiny,  and needs to be built up to get opaque color, but I likes it.

I'm going to put these babies to use ASAP. Tomorrow I have orientation for a new externship that I am starting in June and I am going to try to get away with wearing Love & Cherished. Not the most work appropriate, but if they let me get away with it then I will definitely be wearing it. Alright, I need to go to bed so ttyl!