Sunday, May 7, 2017

Stila Lip Glaze

Peace and hair grease!!! It has been a while. I was kinda busy, not really doing much with makeup (I broke out) and I just needed a break. But a visit to the silk naturals website (all natural, well priced...going to totally review what I got once it ships) and a lovely Nordstrom's Rack sale in which I was blessed with a nice pair of jeans, 3 cute pairs of shoes and these lovely lip glazes from Stila, I feel rejuvenated. I would totally take pics of the jeans and shoes but I think that may be for a different post...maybe I'll do an outfit of the day but anywho, lets get to these lippies.

I got two lip glazes, which are basically lip glosses in a clicky tube. And by the way, I hate clicky tubes because I always get the click to product ratio completely jacked up and end up with either too much or too little product. There is no in between with these things!

But I must say, beyond the packaging, I like the product. These colors are gorgeous, they aren't too sticky (moderate stick) and they're long lasting. I like the way they layer on top of other products (when I can get enough on the brush) and they're pretty much perfect for summer. Allow me to show you.

So here is what they look like. Roseberry is a berry with gold and multicolor shimmer and Tangerine is a coral with gold shimmer. They have such a gorgeous micro glitter to them and they look so luscious on the lips. Not only that, Nordstrom's Rack had these on sale for 5.97. This retails regularly for 22 dollars, which I think is a real rip-off. Lol I will be returning tomorrow to get backups!

If you can tell, I swatched the lip glosses over a bunch of different lipsticks and I like how they looked over all of them. I'm finding that I love moisurizing lip products. The inglot lip gels and pots are probably my favorite things right now...I guess I'm just a gloss girl in a world full of matte lipsticks. But if you guys are interested in these, definitely go and get them because they are on sale honey! Sales make me so happy!! Alrighty, next time you see me I will be reviewing silk naturals (might do a LOTD in between)! Bye guys.