Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Walgreens Wonder Woman Collection Haul and a Face and Nail of the Day (Pic Heavy)

On the eve of the DC Wonder Woman movie, I found myself feeling slightly peeved. A new Wonder Woman movie of epic proportions is releasing and I haven't heard a peep in the makeup world about a Wonder Woman makeup collection.

That's what I thought until I walked into Walgreens this morning and saw some Wonder Woman products from Markwins! I'm so appreciative. Although I would have preferred something a little more fancy/high end, at least Markwins thought about us!

YAAAASSSSS! Let me compose myself. Exclusive to Walgreens, Markwins is the brand that makes Wet n Wild, and although the packaging of the products are a little flimsy, they're still cute.

While shopping, "I thought man I'm just going to wear this stuff once for the movie and then its going to collect dust," but when I got home and tried the products that I bought out, I changed my mind. TEASER, THERE IS AN ACTUAL MAC WONDER WOMAN COLLECTION DUPE IN HERE!!!

The collection had lip glosses, lipsticks, brushes, and a lip balm. For lipstick, I skipped the red because I own a ton and got the purple in Heroine and the Nude in Modern Age. For lip gloss, I got Athena's kiss which is like a nude coral, and Mighty Aphrodite, a sheer red purple. Orly did red, white, and blue nail polish along with the nail stickers you see above. Instead of the blue Orly polish, I bought a cheaper alternative in the color, Endless Blue by Sinful Colors.

Top to Bottom: Mighty Aphrodite, Athena's Kiss
Left to Right: Modern Age, Heroine
So lets fast forward, I'm at home trying on the products and think hmm. This purple lipstick looks familiar. And then all sorts of ideas started flooding into my mind. Mac did a Wonder Woman collection in 2011 and it was the bomb. Everything was jumbo! Straight glamazonian style packaging...

I of course missed out because I had no idea it was releasing (I was not at all makeup savvy). There was a purple lipstick released in the collection called Spitfire, and the lipstick in Heroine is a great dupe for it.

I also found that a lot of the names from this collection are repeats from Mac's collection (Heroine, Athena's Kiss), so its all so very nostalgic for me as a Mac lover.

So, remember I was telling you how all types of idea's began to run through my head as I started to swatch these products? I thought "hmm it would be a great idea to do a Wonder Woman makeup look!  I searched google and found this face chart:

Now, I am no makeup artist, so this was purely for fun, but here's my take on Deep Truth.


1: Start of with fresh face
2: Apply foundation of choice
3: Even skin tone
4. Do brows (I know mine are a mess, I am Muslim and we do not, I repeat, we do not wax or cut our brows)
5 and 6 are inverted, my bad: first apply teal liner, then apply any blue shadow. I used Maybelline Expert Wear Electric Blue Palette.
7. Apply shimmery blue shadow. I used Trendy from my Tartiest Pro Palette. Its like a duochrome greenish, blue, brown.
8. Put a deeper blue in crease and blend, blend, blend. Blend like your life depends on it.
9. Line the top lid with black liquid liner, then put teal liner and deep blue crease color on bottom eye line.
10. Place any peachy blush on the contours of your cheeks and apples.
11. Lastly, highlight your under eye with a lighter skin tone color. I used my Baja Bronze Palette from Measurable Difference for both blush and highlight.