Sunday, June 11, 2017

Dupe or Nah: Mac Bare Slimshine and Silk Naturals Maiden

Currently not feeling the best. I have a stomach virus :/ from eating at the mall and my energy levels are super low. Still wanted to bring you this post because I got a brand new Bare Slimshine for $8 on Poshmark and I wanted to compare it to Maiden, which Silk Naturals markets as a Bare dupe. Bare has long been discontinued but I wanted to see how close the two products actually are to one another for those searching for a Bare replacement.

They look similar in the tubes. As well as on the skin. Can you guess which is which? Well I guess I kind of give it away, hehe lol. The colors are definitely the same. If anything, Maiden is a tinge more pigmented than Bare.

You can see the difference in pigmentation a lot more on the lips. Although Maiden is more pigmented, these are most definitely dupes. Although I didn't pay full price for the Slimshine, I believe they retailed at 14 or 15 bucks, and Maiden retails for $4.50. I do like the formula of the Slimshine better, but they are no longer available for purchase and you can get a comparable, more pigmented product for much cheaper. They are both moisturizing, neither last very long, and both are great nudes. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Silk Naturals. And boo to MAC for discontinuing the Slimshines, the formula was perfection.

Till next time,