Friday, June 2, 2017

I've Been Haulin Butt And I Am Tired...

I have been doing way too much shopping. I mean I've shopped so much that I'm tired of myself. Today I needed to run into Lush to buy my new favorite deodorant and ended up in MAC and Ulta. Although I'm sick of shopping at this point, I'm happy with my purchases and I caught a great sale at Ulta.

So first up is my lush purchase. I honestly only got what I needed. Both me and my mom like this deodorant, its all natural, stops me from sweating and it smells really nice. My mom recently beat cancer and I don't want her putting anything under her arms that may stop her toxins from releasing. Try it, its amazing.

Next Up is What I got From Mac. Again, I was good and only got one lipstick in the color Double Shot. I thought MAC discontinued this color but my Macy's just received a new shipment of it so I'm not sure. Anywho it reminds me a lot of the Riri Nude color from Riri Hearts Mac and I just know its going to be amazing with brown liner.

Without flash

With flash
Now, I got three things from Ulta. Two Nyx Matte Lipsticks and one pretty highlighter. I stopped using their matte and round lipsticks because they had a very nasty chemical called BHT/BHA in them. However, it looks like they've reformulated their matte line and they took the BHT out so GO NYX!! And guess what? I only paid 10 dollars for everything! the lipsticks were buy one get one half off, and I had 8 dollars worth of Ulta Rewards!! 3 dollars for each product...not bad.

Euro Trash (Also a RIRI Hearts MAC Dupe for Bad Girl Riri)

L to R: Mac Double Shot, Nyx Maison, Nyx Eurotrash. Colors look brighter
due to flash but both Maison and Double Shot are Good Alternatives to RIRI Nude

Because I'm Extra. Bling Bling lol!