Wednesday, July 26, 2017

My Lime Crime Goodies Arrived! Yeah Boy!!

Lookie! A white box!

The Venus 2 Palette has been calling my name for months, shoot maybe over a year. And I finally bit the bullet. While biting the bullet I accidentally took a few shots from some Velvetines too!

The colors in the palette are all beautiful. I'm not really a fan of the blue, but blues of almost any kind on my lids scare me. Do y'all remember Mimi from the Drew Carry show? Yeah...she traumatized me. 

PIGEON (pearl): Brown/green shift
FILTER (glow matte): Luminous cornflower blue
MARSH (glow matte): Mossy grey-green
MUSTARD (creamy matte): The color of corduroy
FLY (pearl):Ivory/green green shift, like the wing of a fly
JAM (creamy matte): Pumpkin spice creamy matte
MUD (creamy matte): Rich burgundy-brown, the color of spoiled fruit
BOOT (sparkle matte): Nebula black with multi-color sparkle

Hold up wait a minute lemme put some lipstick in it!

Top to Bottom: Teddy Bear, Riot, Bleached.
Bleached is struggling y'all. I gotta put it on my lips to see if its going to crust up like it did on my hands. Y'all will definitely see some lip of the days with these colors. I'm loving the palette and actually have it on my eyes today. Jam on the lid and Mustard in the crease.

Over and Out


Saturday, July 15, 2017

My Last Makeup Purchase of the Year :(

Its time for a no buy yall's. I went ham hocks this week. I hauled some Lime Crime that I'm waiting for in the mail and today I went to Sephora and picked up 3 more lipsticks in addition to the 3 I purchased online. I feel going on a makeup no buy till 2018. 5 months...this should be challenging.

I got Sephora Cream Lipstain in Frozen Strawberry,
 Kat Von D Roxy, and Kat Von D Plath
Top to Bottom: Plath (Rusty Brown), Frozen Strawberry 
(Purple Tinged Taupe), Roxy (True Purple)

I wanted to do lip swatches but my face was ashy, the lighting was bad (its 11:30pm) and I honestly didn't feel like sad. Maybe I'll upload the lip swatches later. But as can be seen, these lipsticks are bomb. I can't wait to wear Plath!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Lime Crime Riot Dupe: Milani Loved


I have been fawning over Lime Crime Riot for years. I really don't know why I'm doing this to myself. I know that I'm eventually going to get it. But as for now, I don't have an excuse to, because I have this Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme in Loved. The colors are so similar. I like the Milani formula, and Riot is always in, I'll wait until I can get to an Urban Outfitters to pick Riot up.  

On my lips

Now I can't say that Riot and Loved are identical twins, but you can bet your bottom dollar that their at least Fraternal. From swatches that I've seen on Instagram, they seem to be exact. And Loved is much cheaper than Riot, its like $8 dollars in the Drugstore while Riot is $20 dollars. So if you like to save money and you want Riot, I would suggest you try Milani.



Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lip of the Day: B'ellegant Cosmetics Tahiti Island. This Cold Cant Hold Me Back!

I feel like a load of crap. Just straight poopy. But like it says in the title...can't no cold hold me back! Yellow is the color of happiness, well at least that's how I've always felt about it. So, I decided to wear my yellow liquid lipstick from B'ellegant Cosmetics in the shade Tahiti Island as my pick me up! It's probably the most wearable shade of yellow lipstick that I've ever come across.

I actually found B'ellegant Cosmetics on Instagram while searching for Black Owned Beauty Brands. They're lipstick was affordable and a lot of people liked their formula, so I went for it. I think the shade is gorgeous and I was pleasantly surprised at how opaque the lipstick was.

Top to Bottom: Mac Naturally Transformed, Lime Crime Shroom, B'ellegant Tahiti Island
Compared Tahiti Island to other colors in my collection and I have nothing like it. The lipstick is bomb guys. Check out B'ellegant. They have a little something for everybody. I also think they sell glitters, but don't get me to lying.

Iight, going to go douse myself in Meds...bye


Monday, July 10, 2017

A Quick LOTD Before Work. Meet Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom.

Before this lippie I was a die hard Mac Ruby Woo fan. If I was wearing a red lippie, it was Ruby Woo. Now, I dare to say, Cherry Blossom has taken it's place.

Cherry Blossom is very blue based and much deeper than Ruby Woo. Its almost borderline burgundy, but much brighter. Here I have it lined with Mac Uniformly Fabulous lipstick, and I think it looks bomb. Got a bunch of compliments already.

Alrighty, over and out. TTYGL


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Yas Sugarpill! Come Through. LOTD with Kimchi Liquid Lipstick

Went outside to workout with my mom and nieces and had to get fly with my lippie. I don't know about you, but if im going through the pain of working out, I want to look good doing it! Isn't she a beauty?

Now By itself, Kimchi is a super pale purple that will make anybody darker than an NC30 look like a crackhead. I'm sorry Sugarpill, tis the truth. But when ombre'd, its gorgeous! And the aqua blue sparkles & donut scent make it even more enticing!

To make my Kimchi work, I mix it with Coloured Raine (black owned beauty brand) Rockstar, A purple toned blue with Sparkles. I basically line my lips with Rockstar, fill my lips in with Kimchi, and then purse my lips together to blend them and wallah, magic...
Coloured Raine Rockstar
Sugarpill Kimchi
Outside from the color being super pretty, I think Sugarpill cornered the market with their formula. It's long lasting, comfy, and it smells edible. I'm in love with this color. Don't let the pale color scare you ladies, its worth a little doctoring.

Till next time, handwave emoji.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Dear Black People, I'm Going To Wear My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks. But He Wont Get Another Cent From This Negus.

It's a sad shame when racism besmears something as carefree as makeup, but it has. And the gag is, I am not here for it! When I heard about some of the racist statements that Jeffree Star (owner and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics) made, some of the Black women he's come for (He came for Auntie Jackie aka Jackie Aina Black Beauty Guru Extraordinare), and some of the blatantly sexist things he's done, I decided to no longer support his cosmetics brand (if you haven't heard about his behavior, google him and racism and it will pop up). I cannot lie...his lipsticks are bomb, and it hurt me to have to let go of nearly 10 of my 18 dollar lipsticks. Thats a lot of coin. 180 dollars to be exact. But I decided to stick to my
morals and gave them away.
Well fast forward to now. Lol I am so much of a hoarder that I was recently cleaning out my bathroom and found a box from Beautylish all the way from 2016 that I'd hid from my mother. I forgot about it completely! Now, mind you, I'm very much into the Youtube beauty community. A couple days before I found my box, which had Dirty Money (a money green, sage kinda color) and Weirdo (a black) inside looking scrumptious, I watched a video titled "RACISM," where Jeffree Star apologized for his behavior. Although it wasn't what I was looking for, as I heard a lot of piss poor excuses, I felt it was genuine coming from someone with no conceptualization for the Black experience. It also gave me an excuse to keep my lipsticks! But honestly, it wasn't enough, and he will never get another penny from me.

I WILL BE LOOKING FOR A DUPE FOR DIRTY MONEY BY A MINORITY OWNED BEAUTY BRAND, but in the meantime swing time, here's what the lipsticks look like:

I lined my lips with Weirdo and filled my lips in with Dirty Money. I mean, what can I say? Although I'm choosing to no longer support this brand with my coin (Imma wear them because I paid for them), the lipsticks are pretty and the quality is A1. I'm an honest person and I just can't lie or blast this makeup line. Jeffree Star's morals have been put on blast, but imagine, their are more than likely owners/founders of other popular companies that probably have beliefs similar to his. It's frustrating to think that I have to potentially become political about freaking makeup, I'm just not ready for all of that. 

PS, weren't my sneakers cute today? I'm all out here with money green lips and metallic sneakers looking like the Statue of Liberty. LMBO. Enjoy guys!


Monday, July 3, 2017

Does Anybody Else' s Skin Act Funny During Summer?

Ugh. My skin has been acting a complete freaking fool. It feels oily and dull and it needs a Thank the Lord that I actually have one. Imma let you in on a little secret. If you have oily, clogged, acne prone skin, this post is for you.

My quick fix: Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask

This baby ran me for 12 bucks (which is absolutely nada compared to some of the money I've spent on my skin on things that HAVE NOT WORKED). From my experience, it evens the skin without (Tumeric maybe?) changing the complexion, shrinks my pimples, and clears my pores. Only downfall is, it burns like a mother for like the first 5 minutes until it cools. It's also really hard to remove. Did I mention its all natural and non-comedogenic. Way to end on a positive note!

Don't I look attractive? Psych lol

And here's the end result. I guess it would have made more sense to do a before and after but unfortunately I did not. Just trust that my skin is brighter and more glowy.

Might as well throw this in here since I tested it out for a couple hours. Pretty good, non drying, long lasting (lasted through eating curry)
Makeup Monsters Cosmetics Wipe Out

What do you think? I like's it.


Green Lipstick You Say? Makeup Monsters Cosmetics GI Jane and First Post of the Rejuvenated Blog

Decided to scrap my other posts and start fresh, so welcome to the new and hopefully improved Pious Beauty Blog! 

If you've been keeping up with this blog then you know that I'm, how do you say...attracted to the strange and unusual when it comes to lipstick. If you're new, then welcome! Because this lippie right here is no exception. Lol its both strange and unusual. Giving all kinds of Zombie REALNESS.

Described as a light olive green, GI Jane is SHOCKING okay. It has a little neon in it. And the lasting power, my God. It was on for 8 hours and didn't budge or crust. 

Isn't it cute? Although I think this color is discontinued and the packaging has since changed this company, which is Indie by the way, has done a great job with the aesthetic. The bats and the stars are mad cute and the newer packaging is even cuter.

Aaah, lipstick makes me so happy. Enjoy ladies


Lip of the Day #LOTD: MAC Young Attitude. Mac Done Made Teal Lips Wearable!!

Yes! I got a new camera. Solely because I am trying to take this blog and my IG swatches to the next level. And the only way to do that i...