Friday, July 7, 2017

Dear Black People, I'm Going To Wear My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks. But He Wont Get Another Cent From This Negus.

It's a sad shame when racism besmears something as carefree as makeup, but it has. And the gag is, I am not here for it! When I heard about some of the racist statements that Jeffree Star (owner and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics) made, some of the Black women he's come for (He came for Auntie Jackie aka Jackie Aina Black Beauty Guru Extraordinare), and some of the blatantly sexist things he's done, I decided to no longer support his cosmetics brand (if you haven't heard about his behavior, google him and racism and it will pop up). I cannot lie...his lipsticks are bomb, and it hurt me to have to let go of nearly 10 of my 18 dollar lipsticks. Thats a lot of coin. 180 dollars to be exact. But I decided to stick to my
morals and gave them away.
Well fast forward to now. Lol I am so much of a hoarder that I was recently cleaning out my bathroom and found a box from Beautylish all the way from 2016 that I'd hid from my mother. I forgot about it completely! Now, mind you, I'm very much into the Youtube beauty community. A couple days before I found my box, which had Dirty Money (a money green, sage kinda color) and Weirdo (a black) inside looking scrumptious, I watched a video titled "RACISM," where Jeffree Star apologized for his behavior. Although it wasn't what I was looking for, as I heard a lot of piss poor excuses, I felt it was genuine coming from someone with no conceptualization for the Black experience. It also gave me an excuse to keep my lipsticks! But honestly, it wasn't enough, and he will never get another penny from me.

I WILL BE LOOKING FOR A DUPE FOR DIRTY MONEY BY A MINORITY OWNED BEAUTY BRAND, but in the meantime swing time, here's what the lipsticks look like:

I lined my lips with Weirdo and filled my lips in with Dirty Money. I mean, what can I say? Although I'm choosing to no longer support this brand with my coin (Imma wear them because I paid for them), the lipsticks are pretty and the quality is A1. I'm an honest person and I just can't lie or blast this makeup line. Jeffree Star's morals have been put on blast, but imagine, their are more than likely owners/founders of other popular companies that probably have beliefs similar to his. It's frustrating to think that I have to potentially become political about freaking makeup, I'm just not ready for all of that. 

PS, weren't my sneakers cute today? I'm all out here with money green lips and metallic sneakers looking like the Statue of Liberty. LMBO. Enjoy guys!


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