Monday, July 3, 2017

Green Lipstick You Say? Makeup Monsters Cosmetics GI Jane and First Post of the Rejuvenated Blog

Decided to scrap my other posts and start fresh, so welcome to the new and hopefully improved Pious Beauty Blog! 

If you've been keeping up with this blog then you know that I'm, how do you say...attracted to the strange and unusual when it comes to lipstick. If you're new, then welcome! Because this lippie right here is no exception. Lol its both strange and unusual. Giving all kinds of Zombie REALNESS.

Described as a light olive green, GI Jane is SHOCKING okay. It has a little neon in it. And the lasting power, my God. It was on for 8 hours and didn't budge or crust. 

Isn't it cute? Although I think this color is discontinued and the packaging has since changed this company, which is Indie by the way, has done a great job with the aesthetic. The bats and the stars are mad cute and the newer packaging is even cuter.

Aaah, lipstick makes me so happy. Enjoy ladies


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