Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lip of the Day: B'ellegant Cosmetics Tahiti Island. This Cold Cant Hold Me Back!

I feel like a load of crap. Just straight poopy. But like it says in the title...can't no cold hold me back! Yellow is the color of happiness, well at least that's how I've always felt about it. So, I decided to wear my yellow liquid lipstick from B'ellegant Cosmetics in the shade Tahiti Island as my pick me up! It's probably the most wearable shade of yellow lipstick that I've ever come across.

I actually found B'ellegant Cosmetics on Instagram while searching for Black Owned Beauty Brands. They're lipstick was affordable and a lot of people liked their formula, so I went for it. I think the shade is gorgeous and I was pleasantly surprised at how opaque the lipstick was.

Top to Bottom: Mac Naturally Transformed, Lime Crime Shroom, B'ellegant Tahiti Island
Compared Tahiti Island to other colors in my collection and I have nothing like it. The lipstick is bomb guys. Check out B'ellegant. They have a little something for everybody. I also think they sell glitters, but don't get me to lying.

Iight, going to go douse myself in Meds...bye


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