Sunday, July 9, 2017

Yas Sugarpill! Come Through. LOTD with Kimchi Liquid Lipstick

Went outside to workout with my mom and nieces and had to get fly with my lippie. I don't know about you, but if im going through the pain of working out, I want to look good doing it! Isn't she a beauty?

Now By itself, Kimchi is a super pale purple that will make anybody darker than an NC30 look like a crackhead. I'm sorry Sugarpill, tis the truth. But when ombre'd, its gorgeous! And the aqua blue sparkles & donut scent make it even more enticing!

To make my Kimchi work, I mix it with Coloured Raine (black owned beauty brand) Rockstar, A purple toned blue with Sparkles. I basically line my lips with Rockstar, fill my lips in with Kimchi, and then purse my lips together to blend them and wallah, magic...
Coloured Raine Rockstar
Sugarpill Kimchi
Outside from the color being super pretty, I think Sugarpill cornered the market with their formula. It's long lasting, comfy, and it smells edible. I'm in love with this color. Don't let the pale color scare you ladies, its worth a little doctoring.

Till next time, handwave emoji.


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